Panino’s Restaurant

For years, I used to pass by this restaurant called Panino’s in streets and shopping malls, and never been even curious just to take a quick look at what they make. Recently, they opened a new branch on Thalatheen St. (aka Prince Sultan bin Abdul-Aziz St.) in Olaya.

During one of our hangouts, my roommate suggested, out of curiosity, that we stop by to take their menu. According to the menu, Panino’s: Italian Sandwiches and Gourmet Pizza, is “the bridge between fast food and full service restaurants.” They claim to use only fresh ingredients to make their “signature sandwiches, salads, and pizza.” The content of the menu, which included some pictures that looked delicious to us, has encouraged us to go and try it.

Last night, my roommates and I went to have dinner there. I had a Pollo Romano sandwich with a slice of Margherita pizza. The Caesar dressing used in the sandwich makes it stand out from other grilled chicken sandwiches, and it is far better than Subway’s. They use oregano for pizza; something not usual in other pizza places. In short, the food tastes good, and the place is nice, clean, and big. The service was not what I can call impressive, but it was ok. For a similar experience, you can also try 2 in 1 Restaurants, which have the same model of making full service restaurant food in a fast food style.

In addition to this branch, Panino’s has three more branches in Riyadh: in Faisaliah Mall, Mamlaka Mall, and Sahara Plaza, and three branches in Jeddah: in Jeddah Mall, Tahlia Mall, and on King Abduallah St. in Khalediah.