Things that Bug Me

Five times a day, any place that comes to mind must be closed. Why? Because the Wahabis think they can force people to pray. What if you had an emergency and needed a drug from the pharmacy during prayer time? You are not going to get it. Who the hell told you to be sick during prayer time?! I have said this a million times before, one more time won’t hurt. A person who wants to pray will not give a rat’s ass to anything. And when it comes to works with the government, this can be a real pain in the ass. Because most of these over-paid pencil-pushers will use prayer as an excuse for their laziness and uselessness.

This is the first part of a series about things that cause me to curse, frown, or simply feel some discomfort. There are things that bug you? You can contribute to this series by posting to your blog, or leaving a comment here.

10 thoughts on “Things that Bug Me

  1. Something that BUGS the hell out of me, is when people who are parked are getting ready to pull out of their parking space and don’t CHECK to see if someone is behind them. GODDAMN, what would it hurt for you to check and make sure you’re not going to be backing up into me! (I’m paranoid about getting in a car accident)

    Another thing that bugsss me: My brother (no joke) has over 100 pairs of socks, and whenever he comes home he takes them off and throws them on the floor, so after a few weeks there are 50 pairs of socks thrown around EVERYWHERE. Jeez dude, they invented a hamper for a reason! I’m not your maid.

    Just sharing :P

    And yes, when I was living in Saudi, stores closing for prayer bugged me too.


  2. I so agree with you.

    This concept of closing down everything doesnt really work. More often its a problematic thing. Because, by the time we leave home after the Maghrib prayer, we get to the mall, the shops are closing for Isha prayer. And we wonder why we even came out in the first place to see shops closed! So, we usually leave after the Isha prayers! But, gosh, its a hassle when you are in an emergency and everything is closed. Everyone knows not everyone is praying. Sometimes I wish Saudi would adopt the Emirates style of shops open from 10am-10pm. That way, the non-Muslims staff can work, while the others can go pray.

    I also think of the verse in Surah 2, “there is no compulsion in religion.” So why force everyone into prayers by closing down everything? What about the people inside the shops and restaurants?

    Ahmed, be brave. I am with you. Don’t feel pressured into not speaking your mind. Freedom of speech is a great thing, and I look forward to reading more from you!


  3. I am extremely bugged when i am at the airport. I am asked to open my suitcase. Now I pack my stuff very orderly, and have everything in its place. The guy there, who first of all takes my passport, goes through the entire suitcase as if he has ants in his pants. He is like the fast and the furious with his hands. It’s as if they are looking for movies, cds, and God forbid drugs in my suitcase. Most often, they find nothing. When they find something, they rejoice and send me to the main guy in the media room! But, whatever way it ends, what bugs me is that this guy will never help me pack my suitcase once he made a mess of it!! I almost always have to put everything back in its place and force my suitcase to close while the guy is doing the same thing to the passenger behind me– the fast and furious part two! AARGH!!


  4. Ahmed you have a really wonderful blog. Its really interesting to hear what life is like there in Saudi. And I am very happy that you are expressing yourself. I tend to think that there is a lot of censorship there in Saudi Arabia. You have a very progressive mind and I love the way that you write. I always like reading your blog all the way from the USA. Salam aleikum.

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