Backpack is the most popular link on …

Backpack is the most popular link on I’m giving it a try.

2 thoughts on “Backpack is the most popular link on …

  1. this sounds awesome. I am so used to carrying my personal organizer with me, because it gives me flexibilty to write by hand. I am now looking for a small, electronic organizer. Let me know how this program works for you.


  2. I played with it yesterday. It is pretty cool for what if offers, email reminds, sync with iCal and PIMS.

    Yet just seems lacking somewhere. It could be great for group projects for people to keep track of stuff.

    I think a more versitile wiki with a WYSIWYG editor will be a better system.

    I still rather preffer writing by hand my todo, etc. and notes with my Moleskine Volant instead of my SE P910i. It never runs out of batteries easily updated etc.

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