The fact is, there’s nothing called "Saudi Jeans" …

The fact is, there’s nothing called “Saudi Jeans” but this blog. There is no Saudi Jeans. I made up this name because I’m Saudi and I do like jeans.

I think that “jeans” is a symbol of a lot of different things and ideas here in Saudi Arabia. Things and ideas that a lot of people say it’s bad and it has no relation with our culture and traditions, but in the same time everybody use it and believe in it.

However, this blog is not only about Saudis and their huge country. It’s primarily about me and my perspectives.

Last but not least, I think it’s good to know that I’m a “blog-addicted”. Beside this blog, I write three other blogs two of them in Arabic.

3 thoughts on “The fact is, there’s nothing called "Saudi Jeans" …

  1. Greetings from Norway! I have always wondered why the Saudis are so afraid of having foreign tourists travelling around in Saudi Arabia on their own. Is it because the Saudis are rich enough to avoid all tourists, because the Saudis have nothing to show tourists, or because they are afraid of bad influence on the locals if they allow western tourists?

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