Last Saturday, I had to present a seminar for the …

Last Saturday, I had to present a seminar for the physiology course I’m taking this semister. I was scared to death. To stand up in front of twnety of my class-mates and talk to them as a lecturer, that’s not me! Not at all!

But I wasn’t alone. I had to share my topic with tow other class-mates and the topic was about the sympathetic system. Before few days we decided to divide the topic and I choosed the first part. On the presentation day, my class-mates went to talk first and they almost ate my part so I became more and more nervous.

Finally, it was my turn but I had nothing left to say. I stood up and start talking: ‎”It’s nice to pretend to be a doctor even for few minutes and even it’s too scary… and even it’s too cold in here, but it’s OK.” Here, I felt like my heart beats just stopped for a second. Then I continued: “My colleagues almost said everything, so I’ll just brief what they said and may be add a little bit more… As you know…” I talked about the general things and on the minimum time allowed (3 min.) I finished my show with: “I think that’s all for my part. Any questions?” Hoping no-one asking me anything! “OK, thank you!”

When I was on my way to return to my seat the doctor asked me: “Where are you from?” “I’m from the Eastern Province” I replied. “So, you are Saudi?” he asked. “Yes I am” I replied. He looked surprised and asked me: “Are you sure?” “100%.” I replied and then took my place in the last row. I think that the blue jeans I was wearing and my accent were the reasons for that last conversation.

I wasn’t expecting to get more than 3-3.5 out of 5. But it seems like the doctore loved my presentation and gave me a full mark. I was happy to get a full mark, but I was happier that my “pretend-to-be-a-doctor” thing became the talk of the college the next day.

I think it’s not too bad for a Saudi student wearing blue jeans.. is it?

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  1. You pictured the situation in a vivid way. I felt it as a teacher and also as a student, several times. So nervous and shy… But, after that, you grow and get adict. Some of us stay at classes forever. I am a “Jeans Person” as most of people in Brazil. You chose a nice symbol of life style and state of mind. Workers clothes, young at heart, relaxed clothes, all the grades of blue, international dressing. I just arrived to your blog (by Susie) and i dont know if you talk about. I would like to know about the reasons for men dressing in white and women in black in Saudiarabia. What is the meaning of those diferent clothes at head? Best wishes!

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