Saudi Writer Hamza Kashgari Flees Country After Controversy on Twitter

UPDATE 2/12/12 03:09ET: Hamza Kashgari has been deported to Saudi Arabia by Malaysian authorities, several news agencies reported. Malaysian human rights lawyers say they had a judge order to stop the deportation, but by the time they reached the airport the plane already took off.

Hamza Kashgari, a young Saudi writer, caused a firestorm when he posted a series of tweets on the birthday of Prophet Mohammad last week. In his tweets, Kashgari imagined a conversation with the Prophet in which he said they are equal, and that although he admires many of the Prophet’s characteristics there are also others that he disliked.

Saudi users on Twitter erupted with outrage, posting nearly 30,000 tweets on the topic in less than 24 hours. Many people believed that he insulted the Prophet by addressing him and speaking about him like that. They accused Kashgari of blasphemy, atheism and apostasy. Many said he must be punished and some said he should be killed. Others even went as far as threatening to kill him or offer money for his head.

The outcry resulted in a full U-turn by Kashgary, who deleted the controversial tweets and published an apology saying he has sinned and that he has now repented. He explained that what he wrote earlier was “feelings I erred in describing and writing, and that I ask God for forgiveness, but they don’t really represent my belief in the Prophet.”

The apology was not enough for many people, especially the religious conservatives who demanded that Kashgari be tried in a Sharia court. One of these people is a cleric named Nasser al-Omar, who appeared in a YouTube video weeping because he said he could not bear to see the Prophet insulted.

“These people [like Kashgari] should be put to trial in Sharia courts,” al-Omar said. “It is known that cursing God and his Prophet is apostasy. And the fact that he has repented with cold words will not probably save him in the court.”

Al-Omar and others insist that even if Kashgari has repented he should still be sentenced for apostasy, effectively calling for his death by sword. Al-Omar called on his followers to send telegraphs to the King, Crown Prince and the Grand Mufti to punish Kashgari.

Yesterday, several websites said that the King has ordered the arrest of Kashgari and today news came that he has fled the country. According to Al Arabiya’s sources, Kashgari had flown to Jordan then the UAE before reaching a country in southeast Asia.

The 23-year-old writer used to write a column for the Jeddah-based al-Bilad daily, but yesterday the information minister Abdul Aziz Khoja ordered all newspapers not to carry any article by Kashgari. “I have instructed all newspapers and magazines in the Kingdom not to allow him to write any thing and we will take legal measures against him,” Khoja said.

How a couple of tweets by an obscure writer reached the King and resulted in an arrest order and a possible death sentence in the matter of three days is nothing short of astonishing. Saudi Arabia being a conservative Muslim country, the outrage over Kashgari’s tweets was expected. Remember the Danish cartoons? Nevertheless, this case escalated rapidly.

While I understand how many Muslims would take offense at anything that touches the prophet, I don’t think it explains the whole story. Yes, many feel strongly about such matters and therefor they reacted accordingly. However, it is clear that many on the right decided to take advantage of the incident to score points and make political gains. It was a low hanging fruit.

While some may perceive religious conservatives defending the Prophet’s honor simply as piety, others say there is more behind it, that this is actually part of a long-term plan.

“This is not spontaneous,” a friend of Kashgari’s told me. “Hamza has had people marking him since the Marriott affair and before.”

There is a disturbing “bloodthirstiness” about the conservatives’ reaction, the friend said, adding that Hamza is “just the first in a list they’re targeting.”

Ironically, Kashgari had a conservative upbringing. He was part of the many “circles for memorization of Quran” in Jeddah, and according to one source familiar with the matter, his old preachers helped convince him to delete his controversial tweets and apologize. However, these very same preachers refused to come to his defense publicly in the face of the rabid attacks by the conservatives.

Contrary to reports circulating in Twitter and some sites, Kashgari was not detained upon his arrival to the airport in southeast Asia. He is free, his friend told me, but remains worried about being extradited.

This controversy emerges as an equally contentious case is finally coming to an end.

Local media reported this week that the King has pardoned Hadi Al Mutif, a man who was sentenced to death in 1996 after being convicted of allegedly insulting the Prophet. King Abdullah did not confirm the death sentence as required under Saudi law and Al Mutif remained in jail for 18 years. He is expected to walk free later this week.

UPDATE 2/9/2012 15:25ET: According to Malaysia state news agency BERNAMA, Hamza Kashgari has been detained.

101 thoughts on “Saudi Writer Hamza Kashgari Flees Country After Controversy on Twitter

    • First of all I am not a muslim. This is really silly. why people can’t people tell their ideas about regligion and god.

  1. Pls go and read everything he wrote
    It wasn’t just a couple of tweets
    Beside he should face court and appeal for his soul to god .not running away in fear and let ppl make him a sacrifice .
    He s young and make a mistake (if he was truthful about that) and he need gov protection from the angry mob

    • please shut the fuck up and stop threatening persecution simply b/c ppl suggest that the stuff you believe without logical evidence is silly

    • You are from Makkah and a Muslim, you should know better. In Koran is clearly said that only Allah has the right to judge him because since his sin he is in judgement day.

      The biggest issue is that the Koran is always interpreted to benefit someone, in this case always the conservative radicals because they fear how many “liberal” allowances he has permited lately i.e. a mix university, male and female studying together!!

      Islam on its basics is a great very complete spiritual religion, when taken out of context (all the time by this radical ppl) this happens. Why nobody asks why this sheikhs/mullahs that should dedicate their life to worship Allah never for their own benefit are billionaires, with palaces and private jets in Saudi Arabia? They dont shave their long beards to show how humble they are and they wear short “skirts” to save and offer more to Allah just on the outside, on reality they are like this Sheikh in Saudi that was stealing land and when discovered claimed that he was possesed by ghosts that force him to do evil!! He walked off with no punishment and didnt even returned the lands he stoled in Makkah – one of the most expensive pieces of Real State in the world for the religious tourism the city attracts.

      Bias anyone?

  2. I hope you point out the fact that Youtube was used to publish his addresses and Twitter gathered different number of terrorists devising his assassination plan, Hamza must’ve ran because of this long time before the government knowledge, and all those people who using social media to plan a murder were not arrested yet!

  3. The ultra-conservative bloodthirstiness appears in Egypt as well and nowadays its rearing it’s ugly head more than ever. And still, I am surprised that they are not willing to forgive when he as repented! Why only follow the harsh side of God’s words? What being FORGIVING. This whole world needs a lot more forgiveness – too much hatred and judgement.

    • Forgiveness is the crown of greatness. (Ali Ibn Abi Talib RA)

      Without questioning and dialog we would get nowhere. I don’t think his tweets were intentionally disrespectful…the element of genuine doubt in them made people see red. He didn’t say he rejected Islam…that’s what people read into it.

    • History teaches us that the last days of a regime are always preceded by the worst suppression. Powerful states and institution do not need to act in such a desperate manner. I am a Christian (well at least baptised but not a believer) but I have respect for the right of others to worship as their consciences dictate. The Saudi’s and a few other states in the Islamic world are an embarrassment to all intelligent Muslims.

      Consider these words by Sun Tzu (c 6th century BCE) Chinese General and Philosopher

      “Appear weak when you are strong and strong when you are weak.”

      That’s the trick. The Saudi’s are weak both in their faith and their regime. Wait for it; it is coming, the end of these nasty little dictators. They look at what is happening in the rest of the Arab world and plan their escape but you guys should not let them; at least not with all the loot they have stolen from the people. Then all those fugitives who hide in Saudi Arabia can be deported back to their home countries to face the law, mans law first gods law after. If they flee to their whore houses in the west the people should cut off the oil until the west returns them. I am a westerner and I would be happy to accompany them back to face justice.

  4. He should be able to get refugee from Europe.

    I’ve mused for a while if SCAF actually rigged the elections towards Salafis, just to be “a guardian” against this kind of thing in Egypt.

  5. Instead of the witch hunt, preachers should sit with such youth to give and take with them.. Maybe help them see what they havent.. Maybe his. Tweets were a cry for answers to satisfy his mind…

  6. What an utterly ridiculous reaction. It must be horrible living in a world without free speech. Calling for a man’s life to be ENDED, for a mother to be left without a son, just for making some tweets? Seriously, get some perspective. Life is short, don’t spend it being indignant about unimportant things you can’t control.

  7. Wow, I admire this brave young man for having the courage to admit not everything Muhammad did was holy and pure. I hope for more people like him. Muhammad was human. He made mistakes. He sinned. Not everything he did is worthy of our following his example. The sooner people are free to admit this, the better.

    • Brave? For insulting the most holy islamic figure? In his birthday? For hurting millions of muslims’ feelings?
      Yes, Muhammad (pbuh) was human, but didnt sin. Muhammad’s charactaristics and attitude were the main reasons to follow him at his time and nowadays. Anyway, this poor youngman insulted God and his existance in previous tweets, but his lasts blew up the firestorm in the muslim community.

      • Ah, so it’s fine when Allah is insulted, but not Muhammad? Weird. It seems Muslims care more when the human Muhammad is called out as a sinner than if their god is insulted.

        Why did Muhammad ask God for forgiveness if he never sinned? Don’t make Muhammad out to be god. He never claimed to be perfect and sinless. Only God is perfect.

      • Muhammad didnt sin? Marrying a 6 year old and having sex with her when she was 9 is a sin in 75% of the world and in the minds of everyone sane and educated.

        Misinterpreting Koran is the biggest sin that seems to be the most happening sin lately, that all this people that should represent and teach Koran with honesty are just taking advantage of uneducated ignorant people is a sin.

      • The man apologized…should be we not prove our peace and love credentials by accepting it…the prophet forgave bigger taunts during his days…should we not follow the prophets example..dont people realize that by acting so we are actually sullying the name of the prohpet that we swore to honor?

  8. Every leader of religion should be respected but pple should be allowed to express their views. The eternal salvation of a soul is personal and doesn’t rest on govt or group of individuals. This ‘kill him’ syndrome by saudis for expressing ones religious views is barbaric to say the least. What of when one stands before the almighty and finds that he has believed a lie. People must be allowed to see differently so they can stake their lives for what they have tested not this, ‘you must believe this type of lifestyle’, what if it is found out to be a lie.

  9. This is the most horrific story I have read. There is no freedom in the Muslim world. The Arab Spring is an Autumn of shrivelled leaves.

    Mohammed was not a God –he was only a man. All men make mistakes and sin –even the Imams and Clerics who so harshly judge other men, must have committed at least one sin and made several mistakes. Only God makes no mistakes. And God is all powerful, he does not need puny men to kill for Him. True Jihad is an internal spiritual struggle between right and wrong.

    It is written that Mohammed’s favourite wife Ayesha was 6 or 9 years old when he married her. Because of that historical record, thousands of young girls (children) have been forced into arranged marriages to be legally raped by older men for centuries. That was one of the legacies of Mohammed. This is not an insult to Mohammed, merely an observation about His followers. Is the legalized rape of young girls a sin or a mistake? Can something legal be immoral?

    Another observation is that Conservatives in every religion gladly take away the freedoms of other people. Conservatives are mean spirited people. The people who give them power or obey them are giving them part of their own life, as they may be their next victims. They are also giving them licence to victimize others.

  10. I don’t want to upset anyone, i think it is wrong to hurt people’s feelings, but can religious people not see that this kind of over-reaction – saying someone should be killed, which is the worst kind of thing you can do to someone, for making stupid comments on twitter which you wouldn’t even see unless you chose to follow him – makes everyone think your raving mad lunatics who can’t be trusted? Calm down and act sane, please; if you look at it in the scale of things, it really doesn’t matter, so the over-reaction looks stupid. I used to be a Christian fundamentalist nutter, I mean this kindly, and i’m not referring to expressing your feelings in even the strongest terms, but to the calls for punishment etc.

  11. Shit is fucked, but what did he expect? Dude knows where he lives and the people that run his country. Until Saudi Arabia is a country where individuals can express religious dissent freely, don’t do it without expecting old dudes wearing table clothes to wanna kill you.

  12. It is amazing to see how 140 characters in twitter can cause your dealth. What Kashgari did was not something trivial; he insulted the prophet (PBUH) in a country that represnts Islam. He lives in the most conservative place in which clericks who , for better or worse, are respected by the whole Islamic countries. I understand how some of the commnets here defending him, but lets not forget the provacative language that he used. Concerning the death threatining, I personally did not take it very seriously as I’m dead certain that it comes from teenagers. No grown-up human will be foul-mouthing his family or threatining to kill him, unless they are teens or a small minority. I think he made the right decision fleeing the country at the moment. As for the punishement, I bleieve he should be put in trail and reciebves the fair judgment, plus a potentail passing of a law that prevents writers from such acts.

    • And the 15 saudis whom did 9/11 was also mostly of youth. the terrorism characteristics is deep rooted in the Saudi population it’s no wonder you people are governed by dictatorships, because you surely deserve them if you believe individuals don’t have the right to any of their human rights.
      You Saudis deserve to be miserable, you and your back-warded mentality that contributed with nothing to humanity but only the spread of violent fundamentalism.

      • I think your reply is racist. I defend freedom of religion/speech and I defend Hamza’s right even if what he has said is offensive but to use this incident to justify the saudi dictatorship is utterly disgusting. The government is responsible for turning the citizens into bloodthirsty people with giving liberty to the religious establishment and brainwashing them by their crappy education
        I know, I’m saudi

      • Khalid you are a fool and very like those people you hate so much. Do you honestly think that a whole country of millions of people can be just written off in this manner? Get an education and travel a little outside your comfort zone; you may learn that there are differing views represented within all countries. The vast majority of Saudis do not give a damn about this issue and maybe more disagree with the regime so support those people and give them the respect of not assuming they are complicit with the extremes of their dictators.

    • The vast majority of Saudis want this young man’s hide. They need it to get additional favours when they reach jannat. While the whole country may not want Kashgari to be punished, more than 90% do. So, Mike Organ, if that is your real name, you are the fool.

  13. I knew something like this would be coming at some point. Here’s is the bottom line it’s A TERRORIST’s MENTALITY

    “You have NOT the right to THINK you have NOT the right to SPEAK…NO Go Fucking BLOW yourself or something UP!”

    I will tell you right now I am sick and tired of having my feelings HURT in the shady name of (Saudi/ Wahhabi/ 911) ISLAM of which these shady ass clerics/ crazy ass brainwashed non thinking fools hide behind. They live for the HIgh of the DEEN.

    Now as for Mr. Kashgari I wish him a happy safe life and he should remember “He is NOT allowed to think out loud ever again IF VIOLENT BLOOD THIRSTY BRAIN WASHED ZOMBIES are going to be offended and hurt by it.”

    Are Islam, God and Prophet Mohammad that one man’s tweets are a threat? I guess based on the reaction we can deduce the answer.

    Believe me sometimes death is not such a bad thing. I’d rather be dead than NOT ALLOWED TO THINK

    Peace Out Niggas and that my niggas is called an Atomic F-bomb

  14. I think therefore I am…Cognito Ergo Sum

    Channelled info. below…

    “Ah Young Jeezy…’by the way’ rocks”

    “Yeah the cornorner wanted to know what the last meal was and I sat up and told him as I sat up creepily said “IT was a rice crispy treat “Snap crackle pop!”

    God loves me! :-)
    I am a servant of peace!
    Become a fearless conscience leader
    Adays Tisai Adays

  15. Not a single drop of tears in his eyes
    all dried before, harsh winter of allahs
    Nasser Al Omar, o a big liar
    in the name of god, clerics create fear

    If prophet were to be alive
    he would have corrected all
    for the sins, we do in the name of god

  16. poor kid – must be hard to be burning inside with a thought and to be that afraid to voice it.. i think the whole reason thoughts were created was to test out scenarios and keep safe while doing so..

    i think it is always hard for a westerner to understand why the act of thinking (even if publicly) would elicit a response that involves physical violence..

  17. I have read some of his purported tweets in the NY Times pinged post and find nothing objectionable even when looking at it through a conservative Saudi lense. Saudis tend to discourage or outright BAN worshipping SAINTS, Prophets to the extent of condeming celebrating their birthdays. That he would post this on the prophets birthday would in my opinion just prove how Saudi he is… Why in the world he would flee to Malyasia (if true) is beyond me?! The Saudis financially back mosques, madrasses etc. heavily there. From my experience even in the U.S. Saudi backed mosques would deal with issues differently for Muslims and Saudi Muslims. They would take care not to upset Saudis when interacting $$ ching ching. It would have been better if he had gone to Thailand, Philipines, Vietnam or Korea. Honestly sorry but the last thing I remember reading about Malayasis is that some minister was guilty of indulging in sodomy or some crap…Jeesh anyways

    Bottom line:
    His tweets are gone
    He has asked for forgiveness (for what honestly I’m still trying to figure out for what)

    He could also say he was under the influence of the Jinn and a magic spell like all the other criminals and thieves when caught…Satan made me do it say it whatever
    I love this event if not anything but to prove to those naysayers of 911 who believe fool heartedly of 911 being an inside job. Just look at how fast Saudi clerics were able to mobilize their crazies to demand retribute blood for words that do not appear blasphemous at all but only to confirm that holder any other human YES MOHAMMAD was a member of the human species as infallible. Mohammad was scolded in the Quran for turning the blind man away…whatever people there are some crazies here seriously. The poor king of Saudi Arabia has been duped as well.
    You are all fools.

    thanks alien brothers for helping me channel that info.

  18. Under Shariah Law, which this dog lived under, speaking against God or the Prophet peace be upon him is considered apostasy and is punishable by death. His apology cannot be accepted as he has blasphemed against the Prophet and the Prophet needs to forgive him so that the death penalty will be waved, but since the Prophet peace be upon him is dead, he cannot forgive him, therefore he needs to be killed and killed good. Laws of Allah under which he lived, and he studied need to be respected and he needs to be judged under under such laws that piece of crap.

    • el-mujahid whatever you are…!

      May you get what you wish for others. Boy I hope you are not one of dem gods living under Shariah living under shariah low

  19. Under Shariah Law, which this dog lived under, speaking against God or the Prophet peace be upon him is considered apostasy and is punishable by death. His apology cannot be accepted as he has blasphemed against the Prophet and the Prophet needs to forgive him so that the death penalty will be waved, but since the Prophet peace be upon him is dead, he cannot forgive him, therefore he needs to be killed and killed good. Laws of Allah under which he lived, and he studied need to be respected and he needs to be judged under under such laws that piece of crap. Let him receive just judgement…

    • Saudi Arabia has a loose translation of shariah law. They don’t follow it properly. If they did, there would be no issues regarding Palestine. Yes I am a Muslim and I love my Prophet and my Creator, but defending the Saudi government in their pursuance of the matter is ridiculous.

      The man apologised and did so in a huge way by putting it in many newspapers. It’s up to the Almighty to judge him and He is the Most Merciful, and I think He would look upon a man kindly who asked for forgiveness in this life, so think about that.

      You’re a despicable human being and should read your shahadah again for spewing hatred.

    • el-mujahid,

      You are a disgusting and crazy thing. So much for being religious. You and your friends ought to be ashamed of the amount of hatred and ignorance in your heart.

  20. It is a sad state of affairs – Islam is about priorities… and Hamza in the context of Syria is NOT a priority! More importantly, what he said has a context, and I guarantee that most BARBARIC idiots inciting hate and calling for Hanza’s head do not have a clue about that context! and I guarantee these people would not be happy if I recited half veres from the Quran, and changed the meaning because of that and then said, this is what the Quran said!… Hamza’a case is more about a personal vendetta by “religious” media personalities, than it is about what he said!

    But more importantly there is a context in which these comments were made. Now let me tell you the context…

    “Sheikh” Al Sheikh wrote about “Mawalid al Nabi” and how people who contribute to them are Kuffar – then he changed his mind and lowered the tone, then he went and changed his mind and said they’re ok. The number of tweets were written was in a sarcastic tone in reference to the comments on the Mawalid and AlSheikh, by highlighting that the “Sheikh” can dictate religion as he pleases and the people will just follow without questioning him – making an Alihah out of a human because he’s grown a beard! so in mocking AlSheikh, these comments came out – he straight away clarified his comments and the context, but the cropted screen shots of the tweets he wrote was limited to the top tweets without clarification and spread on the internet… now can you see how a context makes a difference?

  21. I suspect el-mujahid is poser…what does that mean?

    It is a person who hates Islam and posts as if her or she were a Muslim to further harm Islam. That is my initial vibe from his post…as the clue do “dogs live under shariah law?” I could be wrong as I am not a saint like Mr. Omar is…

    Thank you very much Raf for your clarification. It makes more sense now. In that context it would make PERFECT SENSE for Omar Nasser to be tried under a shariah court of law for unjustly calling for the deaf of another believer.

    Btw, What does “mawalid” mean?

  22. I have done a reading for Kashgari…

    Affirmation Alien Code #10 “Authenticity” I know I am divinely protected. I am who I am and who I am is very good indeed.”

    The seagull is your animal guiding you “Now is the time for deep emotional healing”

    The magical fairies have said, “Your Wish is Granted! What you’ve asked for is coming true. (you know what that is…I don’t looking at the bird it may be to be free)

    The archange Raquel is bringing relationship harmony “We angels are opening the hearts of everyone involved. Arguments and conflicts are being resolved NOW.”

    Dragons say six of coins “you want to be generous but you need to be a bit more discriminating”

    At last but none the least a beautiful card that I’ve never drawn before the healing angels “Support”
    “God, the angels and the acended masters who love, protect, and guide you right now. You are not alone, and you are safe!

    Yes you are detained! There are people working for your release…Walls are literally coming down as I speak…I got a sign you are in a desert. I think He is STILL IN SAUDI or he’s here now I don’t know but the page of Rods came up…God speed!

  23. this is for Muslim only n those who arent muslim just go back n preached what othe religion yu like…dont ever become too involve with their own religion but better take care your own religion or belief.

    Why you want to instigate others regarding this issue. This is their problem not yours unless the poor fella convert to other beliefs.

    All of you dont have any work to do ehhh….bttr still organize Occupy movement in your country rather than talk nonsense and insult others.

    How do you feel when your beliefs or GOD were treated the same way as this fella did? Ask them to deal with their own problem la.. Stupid Moron?

    • Unfortunately, because of oil we are involved. I am sure every right thinking person in the West wishes we weren’t and could leave such primitive countries to their own devices. A “Cordon Sanitaire” around the Middle east would be the best solution. Let them develop nuclear weapons and short range delivery systems. With any luck they might annihilate each other!

    • I feel hurt too. But i don’t think that gives me or anyone the right to kill someone. (The common ‘we hurt more, because we exact an extreme revenge, whereas you obviously aren’t hurt, because you turn the other cheek’ is a circular argument, so illogical.) Sticking up for someone’s right to life does not invalidate your views or deny your feelings, i hope.

    • Let those who have not sinned cast the first stone.

      Ahmed, you are a human who have sinned just the same. You ought to be ashamed of the amount of hate in your heart. That alone is sinful enough.

      • sigh…if we keep deciding who is to be punished…who is the sinner…and who goes to heaven…these are the realms of the creator…if we start doing this..are we naive to think that we are even remotely capable of what the Creator does…the man said sorry – its upto God to decide…

  24. In Islam any Muslim if ever dares to commit such Blashphamous acts for his own desire or in the hands of enimies of Islam like Kashgari – must be killed with no sympathy or consideration whatsoever.

    • Sozin Syed…Nothing that I have heard in the newspapers that has been supposedly quoted by Kashgari was blashphemous. Would you care to put forward some proof to your argument or does that require thinking which apparently many are showing themselves incapable of…

      May you be granted what you wish on your fellow humans….

      Kashgari hasn’t even been tried yet. Is someone playing me here cause there must be someone playing me cause yall are not thinking. Think a little bit…The first thing Angel Gabriel said to Mohammad was “read in the name of your lord”

  25. Beware what you twitter cause if you can’t get your point across in 140 characters or less something can get lost in translation and you MAY lose your life. I twitted my first time last night and it kept saying “you got to be smarter” so I had to keep eliminating words to get the tweet through.

    I might say I hate my good friend. Why do I hate her? Because she is so perfect and I can’t be like her no matter how hard I try.

    Let’s be honest, I have personally talked to a lot of Muslims who have gone through periods of their IMAN (FAITH) being weak to the point of not believing and the MAJORITY come back to their faith some even stronger. Should we just put them all to death prematurely? I guess so according to Ahmed and Sozin Sayed. Islam is supposed to give their Muslim brother’s 100 excuses. Misguided people give Islam a sick name!

    Where are the voices of peace and compassion—forbearance and forgiveness or do they NOT exist in Islam!

    I guarantee in two months time after the winds have blown over…any raging Muslim is going to ask themselves “Why am I so angry?”

    Mohammad never asked people to pray “For” him meaning to revere him and put HIM on equal status with God. Someone correct me please if I am mistaken?!

    I wish someone would publish exactly what was tweeted in English in the full context.

  26. Roll on the day when the problem of harnessing cold fusion to deliver energy is finally solved. The person or team which does it should be awarded both the Nobel Prize for physics and that for Peace. Then we in the West can ignore these backward countries and leave them to kill their inhabitants in the name of Allah and his pervert prophet (unblessed be his name!).

  27. This so called god that the Jews dremed up in the desert and that the Christians and the Muslims also follow is really the devil of all devils.

  28. This is the most outrageous thing I have ever seen. The Saudi’s once again make themselves a laughing stock in the eyes of the world. What can we expect next from these jumped up nasty little dictators. The Arab world deserves better. The next destination for the Arab Spring should be this ugly backward country and these guys will feel the full force of the people. God will be in the audience and I am sure he will approve.

    We the Christians had the Spanish Inquisition but that was 500 years ago and if anything like that raised its ugly head again they would be the ones for the chopping block. But in truth the Spanish Inquisition even in its most extreme judgements would not have bothered with this man. They may have warned him but would not have pursued him.

    It is a sign of deep insecurity when a faith needs to peruse individuals for acts of so called blasphemy. Your God I am sure would not be pleased with their actions. Does not God in Islam say ‘Judgement is mine’; as he does in the Christian and Jewish faiths? So what right do these men have to pass Gods judgement on Earth? This is ignorant and presumptuous, also very very arrogant. If there is an afterlife these guys are going to have a very warm one. Never mind if they believe, they understand that God will Judge and they will be in the dock awaiting said judgement.

  29. Can someone give me the link to the Facebook page “The Saudi People Demand the Execution of Hamza Kashgari”? It’s mentioned in almost every article about Hamza but there are no links to it. I wonder if it really does exist…

  30. I see on this forum a lot of Muslims who are outraged at this and other actions by so called believers. Why oh why don’t those Muslims who live in the west recruit like thinking Muslims and promote your brand of Islam. That way the vast majority of Muslims will begin to have a voice and we Christians will start to respect the Islamic faith the way it should be respected.

    All the time the Terrorists and bigots have the stage the cause of peaceful Islam is doomed to be ostracized by the wider world.

    Unite and show the world that Islam can be a force for good and not just another excuse to kill and maim innocent men, women and children in the name of Allah.

  31. Was Kashgari really ever in Maylasia? When he is freed he is going to be sworn to secrecy that he was actually there. FREEDOM!

  32. I think it is good that he will be punished by death sentence. It will act as a deterrant for others. There is a good reason why in shariah law, apostasy or leaving Islam carried the death penalty. Imagine what would happen in this day and age of internet and mass communication…there would be large number of people wanting to leave Islam so they can live their lives the way they choose to, not as chosen for them by Allah and his messenger.

    It is a crime to leave the Muslim ummah in the lurch and join some other faith, and in some cases, no faith at all(as Atheists)

    We should be glad that even in the face of all these “western” ideals, there are a handful of countries who have adopted the shariah code. It remains to be seen whether they will implement it.

    Allah knows best.

    • You say Allah knows best yet you have condemned him to death. That statement proves you are confused and a non thinker! Why not let those choose for you. He hasn’t even been tried yet for Allah s sake. May you and the ones you love get what you wish for others….


    • Salam and Hi to everyone… first of all lemme clear i am muslim and i was born n raised in Jeddah, Even thou i lived in Saudi for whole life i am still seen as an expat never mind we are not discussing about Saudi immigration issues. I can see many people here want kashgari to be executed according to sharia law but do u guys really care or think that any of islamic country is following sharia based law.. i dun think so.. we muslims even dun get our basic rights, oh yeah when we do something wrong or express freedom of speech or discuss against the government yes we are punished according to sharia law which is really funny but when it comes to basic rights our leaders make me laugh to be honest. freedom of speech is one of the right given to us by Islam and we can talk and discuss whatever we want even if it goes against the current leader but we do have some limits as well.. As a muslim we can’t insult our prophet and our religion and for me whatever kashgary did or if his intention was to insult Islam and our beloved prophet he should be punished according to Islam…

  33. Alle Religionen sind für´n Arsch. Es gibt keinen Gott oder sonst was. So ein Blödsinn. Wissentschaftlich bewiesen stammen wir alle vom affen ab, und von keinem Gott der uns mal irgendwann mal in sieben tagen zusammen geknetet haben soll. Wer so was glaubt soll weiter träumen.

  34. Thank you for the good writeup. It if truth be told used to be a leisure account it. Look advanced to far brought agreeable from you! However, how could we keep up a correspondence?

  35. First of all kashgari tweet were offensive to Allah he was doubting the existence of Allah and more it was not just what he said about the prophet pbuh
    second get your facts right about the prophet dont believe the horrible things you read about him in untrusted websites or what you hear in the media go straight to the source and by the way there’s a debate about aishas age when the prophet married her , and after alot of research in history by alot of schoolers they said the prophet married her when she was 18 and alhadith that mentioned aishas age was not very accurate
    please dont judge Islam by the acts of people Islam is perfect a complete religion people make mistakes they commit sins and crimes you can not blame thier religion for thier mistakes
    and seruisly do you still believe that a bunch of people who happened to be dead by the way can actually take over aplan and fly it into the middle of the city into a building without any one noticing that I mean if that happened in some third world country I might believe it but not in America
    so agin do not believe everything you hear search for the truth dont let the media control your minds

  36. One thing i believed 4 sure is that,prophet mohammed is are man like us.though everyone believes. in his or her religion,but the way it’s practise in the arab world if their counterpart in the west(xtian world) follow their doctrine i think they might be hearing of US,UK and the rest without going their.The children of the boundwoman want 2 converts people in the west and US by hiding under the canopy of freedom of religion.while in their country such is not,xtian were abused and denied possition because of jizya.i was surprised seeing country in the arab world especially presstv talking about islamophia in west,but refuse to say something about christophobia in their country.

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