Saudi Jeans turns seven

This blog has turned seven a couple of days ago. I said before that when I started this thing I never thought it would last long. But here we are, and I still can’t believe it’s been this long. Now I know that the past ten months were not exactly the best for the blog. I’ve been extremely busy with grad school, which meant Saudi Jeans was neglected and the updates were few and far between. I’m still passionate about blogging, and I still have much to say about things in Saudi Arabia and beyond. Next week I will graduate from Columbia Journalism School, so you can expect to see a higher frequency of posting here. I will probably write a blogpost reflecting on my experience at Columbia and New York, but for now feel free to take a look at my master’s project which examines the rise of Arab American standup comedy.

Thank you all for reading, commenting and just being great over these years. I feel lucky to have a portion of your attention and share my thoughts with you, and hope to continue doing that for years to come.

16 thoughts on “Saudi Jeans turns seven

  1. Happy 7th Birthday, Saudi Jeans! Congrats Ahmed, on the blog, upcoming graduation and being a pride and joy for us, your readers/fans. All the best!

  2. Congratulations! Your blog is probably the first Saudi blog I laid my eyes on! I started blogging back in 2003 under an alias and you encouraged to come out and express my thoughts under my real name.
    Saudijeans must be studied for anyone wishing to address the new media and blogging effect on Saudi Arabia. You and I have our differences but I have the greatest respect for you, my friend. Best of luck!

    And oh congrats on the graduation thingie as well!

  3. A bit late to the party, just having subscribed via RSS, but looking forward to your future output. :-)

  4. congrats man! but you only confrim the comments that agree with you somehow, how sad is this for a Columbia Journalism grad!!

  5. I am a long-time fan of this blog, but have been remiss in reading it, also. Love your work. Congratulations on turning Lucky 7.

  6. Thanks for all the excellent blogging.

    I think this was the first blog that made me realise that not all Saudis were completely crazy. ;-)

  7. mabrouk dear mr jeans.. :)

    for as long as i have been reading your blog i have found corageous and insiteful reports of pertinent issues..

    i have learned a lot and grown to respect your culture and your way of thinking..

    thank you for affording us with this invaluable window..

  8. Wow, watched your video.

    Way to go alienating 99% of Saudis viewing the video by focusing on the Saudi guy drinking beer in 3 different scenes. But if you see it as absolutly essential, then I guess you must.

      • You are avoiding the point. Which was not people drinking beer in a comedy club. It was filming a person who appears to be Saudi drinking beer a number of times.

        Again, if this was truly about comedy, most of the video is relevant. Even having scens where the crowd is drinking doesn’t derail. Its just those scenes with the guy drinking throw your argument. I noticed it and I don’t care much about these issues, imagine what hardcore types would say.

  9. If you read the thorough bit of information under the video, you learn the guy is Palestinian and he grew up in NJ. He didn’t even grow up knowing Arabic.

    Anyway, I really enjoyed the video and the message it conveyed about breaking down stereotypes. I laughed at Hurricane Muhammad. :)

    Thanks for sharing!

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