#SaudiGirlsUnite, Bandar is back, Gulf monarchies challenge

  • Saudi women activists are planning to show up in polling centers in the country’s major cities to demand their right to participate in the upcoming municipal elections when the registration starts today. The campaign is mainly organized via Facebook and Twitter.
  • Prince Bandar bin Sultan, aka Bandar Bush, is back and John Hannah argues that the United States government should make sure that they have him on their side. Some Saudis, though, are not so thrilled about Bandar’s return. “Whenever he appears in the scene, I become very nervous!” tweeted reform activist Mohammed Fahad al-Qahtani.
  • Abdulaziz Sager calls the Gulf monarchies to understand the repercussions of the “Arab Spring,” and that it would be folly to think that the arrangements of the past can last indefinitely. “If the ruling families of the Gulf want to maintain their legitimacy, they need to adapt quickly to the changing times and enact substantive political reform that reflects their people’s aspirations,” he wrote in the Washington Post.

4 thoughts on “#SaudiGirlsUnite, Bandar is back, Gulf monarchies challenge

  1. Well if saudi givt allow women to vote then they may have to allow them to have seats as well in the municipal elections and since saudis are not used to having female leaders so they wont le them allow voting in coming 10 years and also if they allow them to vote then women will say, hey allow us to drive too since you think we qualify for voting and since you have started giving us concesions.

    so the govt can only be convinced when 50,000 people take to the streets for a month in riyadh, jeddah and dammam and then you will see the real reforms.

    till then? …………..forget it……..

  2. I think Mr.Amir’s overlook is quite negative. Women being allowed to vote won’t initially mean that they can also be voted for, and even if it did, it would happen over a long period of time. Looking far into the future has always been a way to defeat morale and allow a negative view.

    For now, women being allowed to vote would be a big step. good luck gals!

  3. There’s a lot of difference between being negative and being realistic. I only said after looking at the “ground realities”.

    in the end i would say the same thing you said. Good Luck Gals …

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