Jeddah is Sinking

The heavy rains on Jeddah has paralyzed the city, once again. Obviously, none of last year’s lesson has been learned. The situation is beyond disastrous, with many losses in souls and property. Watch these videos and pray for the safety of people in Jeddah.

More videos and photos can be found here and here. Follow the latest news on Twitter: #JeddahRain

23 thoughts on “Jeddah is Sinking

  1. This is bad .. they should have done something by learning from the past experience .. stop giving gifts and showing off in the world as one of the richest nation .. do some thing for the Local public who is suffering from these day to day problems .. !! may ALLAH bless all !! AMEEN !!

  2. It’s shameful.
    I’ve read somewhere that Qatar and the UAE wanted to give donations and offered to build proper infrastructure for the people of Jeddah.

  3. “how did this happened in the second largest city in the kingdom??”

    Looks like they built the city on a dry riverbed. Likewise, the Pakistanis have been building on a flood plain.

  4. Wallah man I was thinking the EXACT same thing even before wednesday’s floods. King Abdullah’s gifts to Obama’s wife and kids, wow… There’s so much surplus in the budget so it seems, but where is it? Are people embezzling to build mansions in Switzerland or something?

  5. What pisses me the most is the covering up they’re doing.My sister was stuck outside the house for a whole day and didn’t return until the next day!Her friend saw dead bodies floating.She is traumatized but they don’t care about physical safety,so they won’t care for sure about their psychological safety.Enough is enough!

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