Protests near Ground Zero

Today marks the ninth anniversary of 9/11. The day witnessed heated demonstrations — against and for the proposed Islamic community center — two blocks away from ground zero. I was there this afternoon with a friend of mine, and took some pictures.

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4 thoughts on “Protests near Ground Zero

  1. I am so glad you got some pictures of the fine citizens of NYC who have no quarrel with their neighbors.

    This whole argument over the community center has been a tremendous embarrassment to most Americans, who only ask that their neighbors keep the noise down and don’t buzz anyone into the building they don’t know.

  2. I see no reason to believe that Muslims really believe in freedom of religion, freedom of speech, human rights, equality and separation of religion and state. All the cute pictures are just that – cute pictures.

    What is wrong with you people? Can’t you imagine that some people don’t like Islam because of the hate and violence done in the name of Islam? Do you know how silly the “it is not the real Islam” excuses sounds, after the 1000+ bomb and killing done by people that accurately quote the Quran? Do you think we should not be offended by the hundreds and hundreds of verses about how evil me are – or that your god says that we are lower than animals? Oh yes, such thoughts are racism, bigotry and islamophobia, just like in the signs. No need to think, hum!

    Here is the bottom line: until Muslims treat others as they want to be treated, they don’t deserve respect. Everywhere Islam dominates, they persecute and discriminate against others. I don’t think that Muslims are any different in NYC than in Egypt, Iran, Pakistan, Arabia, and so on.

    Notice that Muslims don’t go out to protest their actions and their discrimination. Notice that Muslims have never apologized for endless jihad against innocent men women and children. Note that your dear prophet attacked Non-Muslims dozens of times and you consider him a great moral example, and please don’t waste our time with the silly “self-defense” excuse. Read the hadith! Muslims don’t care out anybody but themselves – but then we are lower than animals, right?

    As far as I am concerned, every person in the above pictures is either a fool, ignorant or lying. When Muslims change and start respecting others, then we can talk. I won’t hold my breath.

    SJ, I like your blog, but you have no clue. Bad times are coming and I blame Muslims – they are incapable of self-reflection when it comes to Islam, its doctrines and history. What Muslims do in the West is a show to fool the gullible. I think it is fair to argue that the real Islam is that where Islam dominates. Muslim values are not those of the West.

    Good day!

    PS: the little boy with the sign is cute, but I doubt that he will support religious freedom in Islamic societies.

    Personal Failure, and what is wrong with Americans expressing themselves in Public? Are you going to defend a people that have one set of rules for themselves and another for non-Muslims? What is an embarrassment is that people demand respect when they give none to others.

    • @Kactuz,
      What a load of bigoted rubbish. You must be an American, no other creature could up with his sort of nonsense. So given your “logic” non-westerners, especially Muslims are well justified to HATE Americans for the terrorism they have done around the world. I can cite thousands of stories of Westerner criminality myself being a student of history.
      You have no right to continuously demonize, marginalize, and provoke 1/4 of the human race and then act like innocent victims.
      The problem with you Americans is you lack the ability to reflect, full of yourselves, acting like emotionally immature delinquent bullies. The reality is that Americans and Western Europeans have been the greatest enemies of freedom the world has ever had the misfortune of knowing.

      To the webmaster of this blog I say don’t worry about them. Americans are uneducated idiots, by and large high on Glenn Beck and FOX. 9/11 was NOT done by Arabs or Muslims, intelligent people with discrete minds know this, including a minority of smart Americans who don’t fall for government lies and propaganda. I’m not a Muslim but have visitied the US many times from my native Trinidad, and everytime I notice the blatant stupidity and casual racism of Yanks is worse.
      The anti-Muslim movement in America and Europe is bankrolled by Zionist Jews, through their extreme Christian proxies, pushing for confrontation and wars to advance Israel’s agenda. American terrorists in Iraq, Afghanistan and wherever else need to be condemned in the strongest terms. Enough is enough!

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