Blocked in UAE?

There have been some conflicting reports yesterday over the blocking of Saudi Jeans in the UAE. The blog Emirates in Style reported the block and provided this screenshot:

When I asked people on Twitter to confirm this, some of them said the blog was indeed blocked, while others said they can still access it. I’m still not sure what exactly is going here here, but I would like to know more. So readers in the UAE, can you please check if Saudi Jeans is blocked where you are or not?

11 thoughts on “Blocked in UAE?

  1. لا اخوي الموقع شغال
    بس يمكن محظور لمشتركين دو لأن صفحة الحظر الي انت حاطها من دو، وأنا استخدم اتصالات وماشي تمام

  2. this is just random as I can’t answer your question, but I think the blocked message page is cute. Ominous, but cute. lol

  3. For the people who say it’s not blocked in UAE tell us if you are using DU or Etisalat… I can’t be the only one who have it blocked! I’m with Du by the way…

  4. try installing ip plug-in or Google analytic . You will know in specific numbers visitors countries and any additional info such as the most viewed pages, which sites directing your visitors to your blog..etc.

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