Welcome to Earth

So today I had to dig into my family’s archive to look for the immunization documents from my early years (long story). While flipping through the papers I found this thing:

It is not a birth certificate. It is a gift from the hospital where I was born. It has my picture, date of birth, and wishes of a long prosperous life. I’m the only one of my brothers who has one of these. According to my mother, the hospital stopped giving these away shortly after. My favourite part of it is the polaroid, which is still in a good shape after all these years. The picture was taken during my first few minutes into this world, apparently still inside the incubator. I can only guess what the expression on my face means, but it’s probably a combination of bemusement and boredom. Yeah, I’ve been in this place for like 5 minutes and I was bored already :P

If you liked this one (and seriously, what’s not to like? JK ;-) you might also want to check these two blogposts where I posted old pics from the days when I was fat and happy. A new header for the blog is also in the works, so stay tuned.

9 thoughts on “Welcome to Earth

  1. Well, u kinda look the same, except your hair was not as curly.

    I am sure u did not know what was going on (what’s new :P) LOL, so no explanation for the look is necessary :)

  2. Very cute! You have that wise old soul look that babies often have–not that you weren’t already superspecial or anything! :)

    Such a wonderful gift from the hospital. Such a good case for sibling rivalry.

    My mother was born in a different city than her siblings and so is the only one not gifted with a silver baby mug with name and birthdate engraved on it. The others used to lord it over her. I might get her one for a special birthday!

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