Abdullah al-Eyaf, Ahmed Bin Baz

  • If you enjoyed reading about Abdulmohsen al Mutairi and young Saudi filmmakers, you probably want to read this interview with director Abdullah Al-Eyaf. His latest film, “Ayesh,” has been well received and won the first award of the Gulf Film Festival that was recently held in Dubai.
  • In the second part of a series on Saudi Arabia, GlobalPost runs this piece by Caryle Murphy who profiles the upstart scholar Ahmed Bin Baz. I have been reading for the young Bin Baz for a while now, so I’m not surprised by the opinions he offers in this interview. However, I’m a bit surprised to see Dr. Mohammed al-Hodaif, father of the late Hadeel al-Hodaif, likens Bin Baz to Paris Helton in the sense that he is using his father’s name to become famous. Totally uncalled for.

One thought on “Abdullah al-Eyaf, Ahmed Bin Baz

  1. Thanks for the links! I have been following Abdullah Al-Eyaf’s work for some time. I look forward to reading these more carefully.

    This is what happened when I read the French news this morning:

    Why, even if you hate the niqab, you should hate the French “burqa ban” more

    What can I say, the swastikas got me even more than the Celtic Crosses (symbol of the far right “France for the [Gallic] French” people.

    All are more than welcome to read and comment.

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