Street Terror

According to WHO, Saudi Arabia has the highest road accident death toll in the world. It is very rare that you will meet anyone here who has never lost a friend or a relative in a car accident. Inspired by the death of his cousin, Ala’a al-Maktoum aka McToom made this impressive video illustrating the magnitude of the problem. Check it out:

8 thoughts on “Street Terror

  1. A very good video. The only way to bring down accident rates is to acknowledge them. This isn’t an ‘act of God’, it is preventable.

    Autos are far safer than they were during my childhood (I’m 58 years old). I’ve had a tire blow out on a highway and was able to stop safely. That wasn’t possible 50 years ago.

    In the US we associate the macho culture with Latin-America, but a similar mindset seems to inhabit the male drivers in Saudi Arabia. That needs to change.

  2. Thank you for adding the detail about his cousin’s death. Somehow I missed that though I have seen and commented on the brilliant video elsewhere.

    Hmmm not sure a singles’ flirt with me now ad was the best, though random no doubt, image and service immediately under the video. :)

  3. I’ve heard in Iranian media that Iran also has one of the highest road accident death toll in the world. Last year 23000 people were killed because of that.

  4. Amazing video art…sadly the cause .. :-(
    obviously we need a solution.
    Let the newspapers and school help the govt. to wake the public’s eyes

    i m here in KSA for last 10yrs. i have studied that
    1.neither Saudi citizen use the car belt nor the police official take care of it.
    2.The young Saudis(ma friends too)without license go on vehicle with the minimum speed of 100 thru the pocket road. rarely a police go behind them.
    We have a 100 reason to put.

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