Shiekh Mohammed al-Nujaimi makes me laugh. No, not because he is funny, but because many of his statements are simply laughable.

Few weeks ago, when Human Rights Watch criticized Saudi Arabia for detaining thousands of terror suspects without charge or trial, he came out saying he has strong evidence that HRW is a zionist organization, because according to him they overlook Israel’s crimes against the Palestinians. Well, Israelis think that HRW is “maniacally anti-Israel” because the organization have recently done some fund rising efforts in Saudi Arabia. Go figure.

Something else: while debate on stopping all commercial activity during prayer times continues, one local news website has decided to advocate for this pause by closing the site for 20 minutes, five times a day. If visitors to Aen Hail visit the site during prayers, they are met with a message “Closed for Prayer” in Arabic along with a countdown to the end of the prayer break at the bottom of the page.

What does al-Nujaimi has to say about this? “Closing a Saudi website for half-an-hour during obligatory prayers is a noble Islamic act,” he said. “It’s free from any search for fame or unacceptable rigidness. It contributes to reviving the habit of individuals praying on time.” Let’s think about it. Prayer times differ depending on where you are. What if I’m in a city where it is not prayer time yet? “What if the person wishing to surf the page is a non-Muslim?” as Amal Zahid asked in al-Watan daily.

The two examples mentioned above can be forgiven or ignored, but to go and label everyone who disagrees with him as traitors who serve a foreign agenda is just unacceptable. Al-Nujaimi probably suffers from logorrhea, but that does not mean he is excused from at least trying to think before he opens his big mouth.

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  1. “one local news website has decided to advocate for this pause by closing the site for 20 minutes, five times a day. If visitors to Aen Hail visit the site during prayers, they are met with a message “Closed for Prayer” in Arabic along with a countdown to the end of the prayer break at the bottom of the page.”

    Wow, that’s laughable, it truly is. I’m constantly caught off guard when it comes to the use of religion in this country.If anything, you would think they would be moving forward and atleast allow some leeway to the owners of private businesses to decide if they want to operate during prayer times. I can’t even follow the logic behind something like this, closing down a website during prayer time? Really? Ah.

    • One wonder what the point is of having a newspaper website closed during prayertimes. Does a printed paper prayer during prayer times?

  2. why not “halt” the AIRPLANE in the middle of the flight during prayer time…..or …….hmm….”halt” the world cup qualifier match betweem saudi arabia and some other country while playing in the kingdom….this is double-face!!! I HATE IT!! :@

  3. Do these people realize how funny they sound?

    Given that our electronics are usually made in China, one might classify them as Buddhist so they wouldn’t be taking time off to pray Islamic prayers.

  4. Nujaimi is a new star rising among the millions of radical Saudi’s. He is seen almost everywhere with strong comments that satisfys his audience and also his sponsor minsisrty. He is also head of correction committee for jailed terrorists and was responsible for release of many who later became suicide bombers . I have also watched many of his television debates and expect to see more of him in the future if things continue as it is. I see the best strategy to deal with him is by ignoring as he loves publicity and the media.

  5. I was talking with a friend a few days ago about closing shops for prayers in SA and how life stops actually for more than 40 minutes. I was saying that well it is next to impossible to ask for not closing but rather why not closing right before the Iqama. By doing this the closing period will be like 10 minutes.
    The funny thing you see is that you see the different asian nationalities who are not muslim forced to go to the masjid. They reserve then the first lines ….. they are not even muslim… I do not know what is the point of chasing them everywhere….
    I do not know I just feel like we live in the 1200s A.D.

  6. The lamentable level of discourse in our nation depresses.

    One must not assume that internal criticism is linked to foreign enemies. Moreover, it is pathetic to believe that a foreign state would seek to do so. Far more likely that that foreign nation would seek to ingratiate itself with our government that it would seek to criticise our government.

    The overweaning role of the clerical establishment also depresses.

    Mandatory sham or perfunctory religion is directly contrary to our religion.

    Far better to allow freedom of conscience, and let everyone decide for himself the appropriate level of piety.

  7. The idea of closing the website may be supported by some and questioned by many. Since, the website is designed by him and he is the one who owns it, why not let him freely decide what he wants to do with it. Prayer times are different through out the world, but atleast some muslims in Saudi Arabia can be motivated.

    We all want freedom of expression which calls for expressing oneself freely and openly. What can’t he have that?

  8. I do agree this is insane but hold on , it’s their site, they can do whatever they think suitable in their own space , and their audience welcomed such action… It’s freedom in a way or other

    I hope not to see official sites mimic this look-at-me Islamic thing, bcoz it would be a disaster then, and we are already have enough insanity …

  9. I always feel so nice and warm when I see that idiots are same all around world, despite race, religion, wealth, sex any other factor. It is so reassuring about god creation.

  10. It comes to my mind, If I remember well, nice episode during 1967 war when Egyptian air force was blown away on the ground during morning prayer … :))))

  11. The idea that “HRW is “maniacally anti-Israel” is not rooted in the actions of the organization’s more recent fund rising efforts in Saudi Arabia. It is rooted in the absurdity of an NGO basing their appeal for Saudi funds on HRW’s battles with “pro-Israel pressure groups in the US, the European Union and the United Nations.”

    HRW did not try to raise funds in SA by claiming to investigate the appalling human rights abuses in the kingdom. Their main pitch for Saudi money was a shared animus for Israel, not Saudi internal atrocities. HRW is supposed to be a-political and pretends to be objective and neutral. And yet there it is, fund raising based on an appeal to the pet hatreds of Saudis!

    I’m sure Saudis feel gratified that their hatreds are thus cosseted and exploited, but I’m afraid this kind of bias cannot co-exist with the role of an NGO which should be scrupulously clean of any such shady dealings.

    They cannot have it both ways: either they are objective or they are fund raising in an Arab country in order to fight advocacy groups for Israel, which implies that they share Arab political goals.

    I’m sure the author of this blog can figure it out for himself. Imagine HRW going to raise funds in Israel by saying: Look, it is worth your while to give us money because we publish reports that make Saudis and Arabs look really bad in the eyes of the worlsd. Would you take anything they say seriously after this point?

  12. Hahaha, this is hilarious! There’s no point in wondering what they’re thinking, but I would like to thank Nujaimi for the comic relief.

    I like the entry, though. Very well-put.

  13. Although I don’t like Al-Nujaimi at all and I think he is a source of shame and disgrace, I don’t really like the way the issue is handled in this post…

    I wish that the post had focused on Al-Nujaimi’s silliness, not on the disadvantages of stopping for prayers…
    Stopping the website is absolutely funny…yet it might show a non Muslim how we care about prayer….
    I don’t know why is stopping shops for prayer is an issue in Saudi Arabia while in London, for instance, all stores close on Sundays!

    this is not to defend Al-Nujaimi’s view, but it is to defend the right to have time for prayer… if a non Muslim is bothered by this, he just has to look at it as another traffic rule….When we Saudis go to another country, we find some rules and practices very strange for us…sometimes very offensive, but we don’t complain because it is not our country…

    The problem with some foreigners who work and live in Saudi Arabia is that they want to tailor our country to fit them…they want to change our beliefs for their own convenience …they want the money and the luxurious life but they don’t want to make any sacrifices…
    Let’s be very honest when talking about stopping shops for prayers…what it does it really cost an American? How does it affect an American whose culture has raised him/her on planning and on respecting time and appointments?
    Can’t foreigners living in Saudi Arabia make a plan that doesn’t contradict with prayer time? Can’t they plan on Shopping from 9 am to 11:30 am for instance?

    Remember people…we are talking about prayers…the most important pillar of Islam! if we don’t have respect for it, then we are distorting the heart of our religion…

    I wish that Mr. Ahmad writes a blog on the meaning of prayer in a Muslim’s life…and on how purifying and essential it is to feel in touch with God…

    Let us not let our hate for some silly Saudi figure make us hate our religion…


  14. What did Saudi Arabia did for Palestinians to call HRW zionists? No aid from saudi was sent to any of Palestinian people for this Eid. As a HRW activist I can testify on this. Even anti zionists Jews did. Moreover they provide weapons and people to kill Syrians and after claim that Assad did this. We have independent labs results for death causes. Saudi actually helps Israel to eliminate Syria, last country standing with Palestine.

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