Search Engine Terms (1)

Examples for search terms people used on their way to this blog, followed by commentary from yours truly:

– asphalt vs jeans
Jeans wins. Every time.

– how to have fun in riyadh
You don’t. You can’t.

– italian culture club jeddah
Is there such thing? UPDATE: Souma says there, actually, is.

– is it safe to visit to beirut in july 20
I was there in August, and it felt pretty safe.

– jeans not like my daughter dubai
Sorry what?

– saudis think emiratis are liberal
Do we think that?

– happy ending love boring
Oh come on! Love is not boring. Love is nice.

– nightlife in riyadh
Yeah, right!

19 thoughts on “Search Engine Terms (1)

  1. thats a nice post there….i also searched some funny “irrelevent-in-saudia” stuff…but thank God didnt get caught!! ;)

  2. Dear Saudi Asphalt Jeans

    Since you can’t have any fun in Riyadh I would advise you visit the Italian cultural club in Jeddah. While it is safe to visit Beirut in July, you have already done that and may feel bored. On the other hand, you might want to take your asphalt jeans to Dubai–not like my daughter who took hers to the UAE. Saudis there told her they think emiratis are liberal. However, despite liberalism, “happy ending love” is boring, rather like the nightlife in Riyadh.

    Hope this helps
    with contributions from her imaginary daughter
    LOL :) :P :)

  3. Not Your Daughter’s Jeans is a brand of jeans marketed towards mom’s. It’s very popular in the States.The person was probably checking if they were sold in Dubai.

  4. “Nightlife in Riyadh”
    ~Shrugging heard~
    Breaking it down. After 23 (& rising) years here in Riyadh, its true that it doesn’t have much nightlife than my country
    (Manila, Philippines)

    أنا قاعد في البيت طول الليل ما أشوف شي زين برة
    (I spent my evenings at home cuz i can’t anything nice outside)

  5. @souma please is there any contact or something we can do to join or get in ? I searched for a long time and eventually thought it is a myth or that it was closed. Thanks

  6. The Italian Cultural Club is where they usually host the stand-up comedy shows you hear about every once in a while.

    I’m surprised you didn’t comment on those shows. Try to bring more positivity into your space man!

  7. How does one go from searching “Not Your Daughter’s Jeans” to this…

    Love is nice but hell, I’d like to see a movie that ends in absolute heartbreak and devastation every once in a while. :D

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