No Words

I don’t feel like writing these days, so here are some pictures that I have taken over the past few weeks…

26 thoughts on “No Words

  1. Those are some very nice pictures Achmed! I particularly like the sanddune and the streetsigns, very nice compositions and colours!
    And horses !!! Yay!!!!!!!
    Where did you photograph the horses?

  2. جيت من الريدر اركض ،، وابي اسئل سؤال ما اقدر اخلية في قلبي

    وش قصة المشموم ؟؟ >> معلية تقدر تسميها لقافة حريم

    تعرف ان الصور تغني عن الحديث :) ..

  3. Sorry for the crossposting but I was reading your blog entry on the first Saudi Blogcamp and that got me thinking…

    Were there any foreigners at the camp? There is a large number of expatriates in the country writing about their lives in the Kingdom, were they represented at all?

    What about the women? Any female attendees?

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