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I will fly to Jeddah tomorrow to give a talk at the first Saudi BlogCamp. The presenters also include friends and fellow bloggers Khaled al-Nasser, Fouad al-Fahran and Essam al-Zamel. Saudi BlogCamp is the first of a series of events for bloggers to share knowledge and exchange experiences on different topics of interest. All bloggers, male and female, are invited to participate in these events and help organizing them. Saudi BlogCamp is part of Saudi BarCamp.

The first Saudi BlogCamp will be held at Andalusiya Cafe in Jeddah this Thursday, July 2, 2009. The registration fee is SR50, including lunch, and everyone is welcome. If you would like to attend you can find more information here and here. I’m certainly looking forward to this, and also looking forward to see you all there. If you can’t make it, you can still follow the event on this page which will offer a live stream from the room, and also through Twitter.

14 thoughts on “Saudi BlogCamp

  1. Great looking agenda and panel. However I must admit my major envy is the venue. Anything with Andalusiya in the name is likely to please me, and based on the photo, it looks fabulous, and just my style!! For my future Jeddah visit then!

    Have fun!

  2. too bad timing for me :( my exam start at 11 to 12:30
    is it acceptable to come at 1:00?
    good luck for all and welcome to Jeddah

    • I’m not sure but I guess it will depend on the space because the room can only take 40 attendees. If the room was not full by then then maybe you can still get in.

  3. Although I’m not Saudi, it sounds like something interesting to attend. If only I were not in a different part of the world!

  4. Ahmad, I woke up at 4 AM US Time to watch the talks, everyone was really good and a pit brief. I agree with Fouad that blogging is a way to seek change and raise awareness, social media is the true alternative to the censored media. What I hoped for was to see a female-blogger speaker, but I was touched that you have mentioned some of them (including me) and also the other speaker, Mashi Sah, who mentioned the women bloggers from the Arab sphere… Keep up your good work (you are and will be an excellent journalist, with a good eye for the worthy news)…

  5. I heard about the event from Zuhair Elghamdy , he told me all the delails
    when he wants to give me a nice example about Saudi bloggers , he mentioned u with respect
    I am Egyptian dentist I lived In the kingdom for more than 8 years, about 30 % of my readers r saudi people
    Its pleasure to invite u to read my blog & comment
    I know we have different agnda , but few people have agnda
    I read many articles in Saudi Jeans
    I liked few
    I respect few
    I didn’t understand few
    but thanks to Mushahed Zuhair Elghamdy who prove to there r such good writers as u

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