We Want Apple Saudi Arabia

apple-saudiIt is about time that Apple opens an office in Saudi Arabia. It is time we stop relying on crappy distributors that offer crappy services. Yes we are talking about Arab Business Machines.

That’s why We Want Apple Saudi Arabia was created. We are asking Apple to have a real presence in Saudi Arabia. Go to the website and sign the petition now! (via Khaled)

5 thoughts on “We Want Apple Saudi Arabia

  1. It has been a long and agonizing journey with ABM (Arabian Computers in Saudi).
    Apple should wake up and MAC the standards in Saudi!
    Thanks a million Ahmed.
    Thanks a million Khaled.
    And thank you apple in advance!

  2. I am in support of this initiative, i signed the petition… but I would support it more… if… u know how banks needed to change names to work in Saudi? well “Apple” might need to change its name also… I suggest “Date” and the logo would look like a big sukkari bitten date…

    I also call the rights to the logo, so whoever wants to use it needs to pay me first.

  3. yeah , I agree completely, It’s time for Apple to open official center in here
    I dunno why Apple ignore such highly-profitable market, as Saudi Arabia.
    I’m considering buying the iphone 3Gs as soon as it is available via a friend in America.
    Mobily failed to deliver customer support expected with such great device as Iphone..

  4. basically its hard for foreign companies to open if they don’t have someone to sponsor them in saudi thats why we have Mercedes then its under a wakala/agency. anywho they might open but it will be in the economic city cause this is the first time in saudi we have foreign companies welcome to open.

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