Commission is Hiring

Some people think they are doing good things. Some people think they are spreading horror around the city. What do they think? They think they are understaffed. According to Saudi Gazette, the Commission for Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice aka Hai’a aka the religious police aka Mutaween (these guys have many names) in Riyadh has been given the go-ahead to increase the number of its staff. The plan to increase the staff include employing “temps” and “freelancers” after they receive what the Commission spokesman Abdul Mohsen Al-Ghafari described as intensive training. But wait, I thought they don’t hire freelancers anymore. Am I missing something here? Well, I don’t know. I shall ask you, however, to welcome the new recruits and wish them uneventful careers, free of harassing people and invading their privacy.

13 thoughts on “Commission is Hiring

  1. Don’t know about Riyadh, but we certainly don’t need more of them in Jeddah. It’s time to concentrate on quality not quantity. And yes they are not suppose to have freelancers. More importantly they shouldn’t be allowed to write their own rules!

  2. Well this might work, u know if they get those used cars sherayteyah… they are very convincing at making you pay more or accepting less for your car,

    of course they might ask u if you want to sell your car after they give you advice.

  3. Oh great! Now my friend’s unemployed brother, who’s been on drugs for quite a while and had his share behind bars, can just grow a beard and join the Holy Commission.

  4. Hmmm–temps and freelancers…often a prescription for further incompetence. Or maybe that wouldn’t be such a bad thing, in this situation? No probably it would.

  5. Brilliant– all we need is more imbeciles roaming the streets of Saudi! Is this another attempt to hire un-qualified, un-educated, close minded people on power trips?… hmmm

    I don’t think you’ll need a CV to apply, as they don’t even have the talent to write their own strategy report! (They have just commissioned KFPU to write them a long term strategy report)..

  6. Another step backward.
    This is thier share for fighting unemployement.
    Comes to think of it, a large portion of our work force is employed by religious groups. Imagine how much can we save if we make religion a personal choice!

  7. A close watcher to this religious police will find a tricky business there.While the guys chase criminals and bandits ,they go after the Saudi ladies who uncover their faces .On one side they tell I’m here to protect you,and on the other they gaze on the girls .

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