Saudi Art comes to Venice


Remember Edge of Arabia? The Saudi contemporary arts pioneering exhibition that took place in London last year is going to Italy, where Saudi artists will present their work during the 53rd Venice Biennale, the most prestigious art event in the world. It is the first time that Saudi Arabia will have a presence there, and I’m really proud of the young team behind this. The exhibition started yesterday and will be open until August 2nd. So if you are in Europe or will be there this summer, I highly encourage you to check it out. For more info, read the press release.

11 thoughts on “Saudi Art comes to Venice

  1. I’ll second Ahmed’s request that you check it out and encourage our gifted and creative artists by adding the Venice Biennale to your itinerary if you’re vacationing in Italy or close by.
    It would great if we could spare a few minutes of our time to show our gratitude for a job will done by leaving a note of appreciation at the Edge of Arabia’s site.
    God bless Ahmed for this great post.

  2. So, have Saudis been able to see this exhibit in their own country?

    God bless this comment box for allowing me to comment ;)

  3. Canadian

    I didn’t want to dignify your comment by answering it but I have to for the sake of other readers.
    Every participant in this exhibition had their work exhibited in Saudi for many years.

  4. Saudi Aspire–thanks for the corrective although I, for one, assumed that to be true. I really like 2 of the 3 artworks on the press release. The whole exhibit must be wonderful. Another good reason to be in Venise!

    (a different Canadian LOL :) )

  5. I love the fact that it is not just about young people, but older Saudi artists that for a long time, could not be artists by day, as art was not a means of putting bread on the table! I’ve been to a few of the artists independent exhibition and they are truly amazing! I highly recommend it!

  6. We must all be proud of this further achievement in the arts.

    I continue to hope that their will be far greater support in our nation, not just for visual arts, but also for literary arts.

    I believe that if we are able to achieve greater contributions in the arts, it will cast off incorrect beliefs about as that serve to view our nation as negative.

    However, it is also true that we must be more receptive to the potential for touristic visits by those interested in exploring our arts in their places of creation.

  7. Andrew–great ideas for the further development of your country. Artists and creative people of all types often challenge the problems in a society and lead it in new more positive directions. Tourism would carry the reality of Saudi to international audiences too often restricted to media “knowledge” only.

  8. The exhibition has been a resounding success so far. The opening party drew about 400 people over the course of the night and everyday the gates are flooded with visitors interested in what the artists of Saudi have to offer.

    Several people have commented that this has been the best display of the Middle East in the Biennale, (baring in mind we are competing with Iran, UAE, Palestine, Syria and Egypt National Pavillions).

    The chosen artworks are not only eye catching but thought provoking, moving and deeply rooted in the heart of these Saudi artists.

    Our electric neon palm trees glow brightly at night visibale from the Grand Canal through the gates of this famous and magnificent Palazzo.

  9. Saudi contemporary art is really booming, I enjoyed reading a coverage on it in Oasis magazine. also in belgium i think they have a new saudi art museum (cant remember its name :s)dedicated to saudi, arabic, and islamic art like the brunei gallery in london.

    anyway im a fellow blogger like the rest of u so if u wanna have a laugh just check it out:

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