Saudi Jeans Turns Five

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Today marks the fifth anniversary of Saudi Jeans. What I started as place to have fun and improve my English has become one of the most well-known blogs in the Middle East. It has been a great ride for the past five years, and I want to continue this journey. Now some people seem to believe that blogs are simply outlets to show and fuel one’s egotistic tendencies, and hey, that could be true in my case for all I know. But I think that over the course of the past few years many people have come to contribute to the blog in many different ways and make Saudi Jeans what it is today. Therefore, some words of gratitude are due on this occasion.

First, I want to thank my family for their unconditional love and support. I’m sorry if I get you worried sometimes or if I’m not the son you were hoping for. I can only promise that I will try my best not to disappoint you. Then, I’m indebted to all my friends, offline and online, for they have been a great source of endless inspiration and for adding all kinds of awesomeness to my otherwise lame life and boring existence. Last but not least, I want to thank the readers and commenters for their time and attention, and for turning this blog into a corner for debate and dialogue.

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67 thoughts on “Saudi Jeans Turns Five

  1. My sincere congratulations to you, Ahmed.
    What you said is absolutely true. I have always believed that Saudi Jeans is the best Saudi blog. Sometimes I envy you for your courage and boldness when you talk about some serious issues I could not discuss or speak of. In this regard, no need to repeat what I have always said. You have true journalistic sense and you know what you write and how to write it.
    We all have that egoistic tendency. And it is not bad at all. This is part of the human nature in general. Congratulations once again. Many happy returns. And keep up the great work.

  2. Congrats!
    Wish you writing another aggressive 95 blogging yrs

    we are the generation to empower the CHANGE & ur blog greatly demonstrates a right model to emulate.

    Egoism is a partial success drive, I firmly believe.

    Keep on..! God’s

    Muhanad M.

  3. Dear Ahmad,
    Congrats, and Happy Birthday,
    Your blog is really outstanding, and among the best.
    I loved visiting it, and I would love to continue doing so.
    Live Long and Prosper :p
    and yes, go see the new start trek.


  4. Happy birthday. Yours was one of the first blogs
    I started reading. It has led me to so many others.
    Keep up the good work

  5. Congratulations, and keep going! I, too, admire your courage and your willingness to address subjects that provoke reactions, no matter which side one prefers.

  6. Well done Ahmed. As a writer, I know how difficult and challenging maintaining a blog is, and you pass with flying colors.

    Dont mind what some would say…keep on fueling…


  7. I just hope that soon you’ll be writing about things changing and happening in our country which we see today as almost dreams!.

    You have been brave and frank expressing your thoughts which enticed many others to at least think and inspire for change.

    Looking for more from you dude :)

  8. Happy birthday to one of my favorite blogs ever! And to a very bright blogger :)
    I hope the candles shine for a long time for this blog!

  9. Ahmed, you are one of the very few saudis that combine all of the following requisites to make your blog a success

    – your family and your education taught you to understand the system and how to ask questions
    – you spent your life in saudi, so you will not end up bragging about your better life in USA
    – you think about the future
    – you are not afraid, and you have not much to loose, so that makes you independent
    – you speak a decent english

    keep up the good work, and keep up the hope, in spite of the slow pace of cultural and political change in the kingdom that requires a lot of patience from reform oriented citizen like us.

  10. Mabrook Ahmad.

    Its enough to know that when ever I read any of the controversial news or reports about Saudia, this always crosses my mind:
    “What will Ahmad say about this in S.J?”

  11. Ahmed,
    I really don’t know what to say.. with you being an amazing person, and a wonderful friend.. words seem hard to come out!!

    I have always been proud of you and what you’ve accomplished.. And I am sure, I will always be..

    You are a Saudi leading blogger, you proved yourself.. Congratulations.. Am waiting for more and more.. 5 years is not satisfying at all for me!!

    Don’t mind what people say, you know that people hate to read and listen to the truth..
    KEEP IT UP.. If not for yourself.. Do it for us..

  12. You reminded me of my plan to celebrate my first year in the blogosphere :)
    Let me just say: the thing about SJ is that it makes you believe in blogging.
    Beltawfeeq :)

  13. It is not a great job to begin something successful. But, to Keep it up for a life journy.
    and You have done it my dear.

    Happy Birthday.

  14. Mabrouk ya Ahmed! I’ve been reading your blog since I came to Riyadh 2.5 years ago, and I always appreciate your insightful and considered comments.

  15. Alf Mabrook!
    This has always been an inspiration for me ever since I started reading it.

    Saudi Jeans – Blogging Redefined

    P.S. Why do I see only 4 cakes with “5” written on it? Who ate the 5th one?

  16. An inspiration for me to try and get back into blogging. Congrats ya Ahmad! On the lighter side though, the Saudi authorities do not allow celebration of birthdays nor anniversaries as they are not Islamic holidays. Hope that you do not get censured because of that. :-)

  17. Mabrook Ahmed!
    I remember how during one of your earlier blogging days I stumbled upon your blog from a google search for the word Rabia, the famous sufi woman (The word appeared on one of the comments on one of your posts). Ever since I have been stopping by here once in a while.. Thanks for all I have got from your blog.
    Don’e ever stop blogging.
    Congrats again!

  18. Being part of the media world in Saudi Arabia myself and seeing all that goes around. I salut you on your unbelivable work !!! I for one am unbelivably proud of the work you do and write :) congrats on your 5 Years they weren’t easy but the DID a huge differance.

  19. Mabrook Ahmad,
    Like all great schemes, yours started with a simple idea, may you and your blog continue as great and shining forever…

  20. Happy birthday…I don’t remember How i stumpled in your blog but i can tell you that i always check it to see if there’s something new. It’sa refreshing thought that in KSA there are people like you (and others as well) so openminded

  21. Though I have known you for a year but it was a really pleasant one! Seeing such a blunt guy from my country so confident and well educated is awesome :)

    May the 5 become 10 :)

  22. Dear Ahmed,
    Congratulations! Over and over again, while researching my history of Saudi Arabia, “Prophets and Princes” (Wiley & Sons, 2008) I have seen good blogs get started only to stop rather quickly.
    But you have continued to write intelligent entry after intelligent entry, week in, week out, year in, year out. Bravo for your clear thinking and sheer persistence!

  23. Mabrook! It hasn’t been long since I discovered your blog & so far I am enjoying it. 3gbal your 100th! What? hadyah? ^_^ eh, how bout I add you to my bogroll? <malat 3lyk o 3la halwajh
    In your next 5, i might have a nice hadyah instore for you. In sha’a Allah.

  24. For this occasion ,take this fresh news I had just read today Saudi Shoura council have just approved a 20 %se increase of salary to the members of the Commission for Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice(mutaween” police)

  25. My Congrats..
    keep the independent opinion as you did along the whole five years.

    Mohammed Alhamoud

  26. many happy returns brother Ahmed :)

    your blog has been my must-read for over 3 years, thank you for being Ahmed al-Omran

  27. Yaay! Mabrook on five years! I am so proud of you and your blog. Keep up the good work! Looking forward to reading more stuff from you.

  28. Ahmed,
    It’s us thanking you. I love your blog and I was really glad to meet you in Riyadh last year. Insha’allah we’ll be able to meet up again sometime soon.
    Best regards and congratulations on 5 years!

  29. Happy to find your blog. Gives me hope for the world and all women (and men!) stuck in different mental and physical prisons.
    Good luck to you and your country!

  30. @Saudi Jeans

    I congratulate you on 5 years! You’ve not only improved you English skills, but you’ve made a real contribution.

    @s1 – ah yes an intelligent post – not!

  31. العزيز أحمد، عمل متميز، وأداء يزداد مهنية وعمقا يوما بعد آخر. دمت موفقا أيها الصديق.

  32. Congratulations Ahmed..much more success and power to you – but take great care. Don’t need me to tell you about the enemies who would crush you in a moment. Wish you existed when I was there. Then not even a regular telephone landline could be easily found.

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