Blogging or Bragging?

070709_tech_karaoketnIt is extremely saddening how some of us were so brainwashed that they reached a stage where even the most basic human rights have become alien to them. Al-Riyadh daily asked their readers earlier this week about blogging and if blogs are a medium for spreading ideas and sharing opinions or simply a place for bragging and showing off. So freedom of expression is bragging now? *sigh*

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  1. I don’t blog for others. I just blog for myself. The question was fine, but I still don’t understand why people think blogging is a bragging? Do we show our Ferrari ? or maybe because there are some Saudis who write in English. So people think oh that’s cool he’s bragging with his English Skills.

  2. I think it depends mostly on the blog and the blogger, but it generally is a great thing. It may start out with people giving themselves a voice or a listening ear, both of which are badly needed in our part of the world, and through the blog they figure out what it is that they have to say… and move on from there.
    For some people it may be about vanity, but in general it’s an electronic, public version of the therapist’s couch. It’s just a medium to share whatever you want to, whether its thoughts, questions and concerns that can be evaluated or just a way of giving yourself an audience when you need one (if the blog is PURELY bragging, it probably won’t last long). They’re a huge benefit to the people who read them, too… they’re so, so great.

  3. Blogging can be whatever bloggers and readers want it to be.That’s the value of it. Of course, blogging can spread new ideas, open minds, and show sides of life a reader might not otherwise perceive.

    If a blogger wants to brag, why not? Maybe the writer needs a good brag.

    Blogging is an equal opportunity provider.

    Quality in writing is another matter. Readers, more than bloggers, have the responsibility to seek out quality. They will find it in abundance.

  4. Ahmed,
    We know exactly who brags about himself the most around here. *giving A.O. a deep scrutinizing look*

    Are you at fault here? Do you have a bat’ha (بطحة) on top of your head? Most blogs are narcissitic junk with minute details about the blogger’s most boring life. Most Blogs are out there for the money. Those mainstreamers aren’t worth much worry, man, because if they’re not there for the right reasons, then they won’t last. Don’t let the ignorant dim your Christmas lights. Makes me sad.

    And yes, bragging about how much English you know is a worthwhile cause to blog about. English is a cool language to master, ya hear?

    Merry Christmas,

  5. People blog for many reasons and I believe most blog with good intentions. I think most blogs are informational or letting off steam or just sheer entertainment. I don’t think that a Saudi blogging in English is bragging about his English skills. That’s silly. I can’t say that I have come across any blogs that I would consider as bragging, except maybe about our own kids or something like that – but what parent doesn’t do that in the real world anyway? I think the question asked by Al-Riyadh is odd. But I am curious as to the responses they will get.

  6. I believe the Paper compromised the integrity of the debate by suggesting positions of the debaters through simplistic extremes; even in the title. I’m also new to the blogging scene as a commentator hence not equipped to render an informed opinion.

    Blogging as I see it is a mean for our youth to vent frustrations against some cultural taboos masqueraded as religion or custom. Its a tool that previous generations did not have which led their frustration to foster to the limit of opposition. Its a footprint of globalization that cannot be escaped; and would be fueled if tried.

  7. Perhaps Al Riyadh asked the question as such due to the fact that blogs are also starting to be viewed more as competitors to newspapers? Many blogs inform and entertain which in most cases is also the objective of traditional newspapers. And with the proliferation of access to the internet coupled with the growth of blogs, which are being more widely read now? I’m not trying to say blogs will replace newspapers but do enhance what is available. And yes…of course there are some blogs out there which could be viewed as bragging but no need to name any…we all recognize them when we see them.

    Happy Holidays to all!
    American bedu

  8. It could well be bloggers may have more “perceived” access than traditional newspapers by being viewed across continents; which is not always the case with newspapers that are only in print (though not those who print on the internet)- blogging allows for more open opinion (to consider it bragging, however, seems a tad much).

  9. I think blogging can be used for all sorts of things: bragging, creating a false identity, stimulating dialogue, expressive debate, or for just plain BS. I personally created my blog as a way to document my feelings and experience about my move to Saudi Arabia. This will help me with my documentary when I go back to write the script that will go with the visuals. You don’t want to try and remember how you felt 6, 9, 12 months ago…also, it’s a way for my friends and family to keep up with how I’m doing.

    Happy Holidays!!

  10. They are just paralleling the western print media corporations, who also got very nervous about blogs, and the success of the internet in general. Expect them to soon question the credibility of blogs vs print media, before finally breaking down and adopting blogs of their own.

    Personally, I think most popular blogs are either narcissistic, just regurgitating information, or display a lack of insight. Sometimes all at once! I also find that the more popular bloggers are very self-promoting. You can read all about this on my blog.

  11. “I’m not trying to say blogs will replace newspapers but do enhance what is available.”

    (Most blogs are created from getting information through news)

    “of course there are some blogs out there which could be viewed as bragging but no need to name any…we all recognize them when we see them.”

    “if the blog is PURELY bragging, it probably won’t last long”

    (We sometimes skip them & move to another article or such, no need to waste time)

    Blog is a place to type down our thoughts & share it to the world. In good intentions, things like feedbacks & replies will come back to you. Bragging won’t have much & it stays where it is.

  12. I was going to say I can imagine them wanting to influence the public against blogs, but when I visited the link I found many of the comments to be positive. Many seemed to to say blogs are a place to express one’s opinion without the usual constraints. (Though I’m still inclined to think they would like to sway public opinion against blogs.)

  13. Hey Saudi Jeans,

    I just used an old Arab News article in my class recently from 2005. The subject of the article is mainly a podcaster named Turki who runs a podcast called “A Saudi Life.” But I noticed you were quoted in the article too! I was like, “Hey. . .I know that guy.”

    I think it is important for everyone to consider what blogging and podcasting is able to do that traditional media is not able to do. And with that in mind I’d like to say, “Happy 5th anniversary!”

    Cheers! And may there be many more years to come, bragging or not.

  14. Keep it on! you are a model for any young guy in KSA !!!
    Thanks a lot for sharing your views.

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