Qaym LogoQaym is a website for user-generated restaurant reviews based on social rating. The idea behind it may sound simple, but the execution is excellent and the result is great. My friend and fellow blogger Jihad al-Ammar began working on this project last year, and I was one of the lucky beta testers who had to use it during the past 9 months. This week Jihad is opening the website to the public. If you can read Arabic, give it a look and I think you will be impressed.

I have 5 invites to give away. If you are interested, just leave your email in the comments and you shall receive one shortly.

I’ve run out of invites. If you would like one let me know, I will ask Jihad if I can get more.

UPDATE: I didn’t even need to ask! Jihad has given me 10 more invites to give away. Leave a comment here if you want one of those.

21 thoughts on “Qaym

  1. Hey Ahmad,

    I appreciate the the post. I’m hoping you and everyone else enjoy it and help us build a strong community around it. One goal behind qaym is to empower consumers and help them find great businesses. That can only be attained with a wide active community.

    More invites are on the way.

  2. Jihad: thanks a lot. You probably already know that I have a hobby of reviewing Riyadh restaurants here on my blog. Now I just need to translate those to Arabic.

    Zsafwan: I sent you an invite. Check your inbox.

  3. I love this idea. Now I wish I knew Arabic. Do you think there would be option sometimes in the future where the whole site is translated into English, and other languages?

  4. That’s a question for the founder, Jihad, but I guess that he should offer another interface in English because it would be a useful resource for expats in the country.

  5. Very intresting site…I had this idea while ago..but unfortunately I didn’t have the time..and fortunaltely that it started this way by you and it will better through out the time …i’m very intrested in food criticism and I would like to part of this site..

    Thank you


  6. mansur
    I certainly hope to port it to English sometime in the future. It’s not an easy enhancement so it will definitely take some time.

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