Foaud’s Blog, Blocked


Someone at CITC has decided to go on a blocking spree this morning and went to ban access to the, and Horyiat blog. After detaining Fouad Al Farhan for more than 100 days because he spoke his mind, now they are trying to stop people from reading his ideas. Pathetic.

The authorities are yet to reveal the reasons for the detention, and a spokesman for MOI told CNN Arabic last week there was on update on the case. The blockage is indicative of the mentality behind the detention and it also a sign that it will last even longer.

They are wrong if they think the blockage will stop people from getting information about this case and all violations on human rights here. They are wrong if they think the blockage will stop us from raising Fouad’s issue over and over again until he is free and back to his family and friends. We know how to get around your stupid censorship, and if you block two or three blogs we can launch hundreds of new blogs.

P.S. You can still follow the Free Fouad campaign here: English, Arabic.

8 thoughts on “Foaud’s Blog, Blocked

  1. I am confused. These are one of the rare times when I can’t find a pattern in what’s happening… What could it be echoing?

  2. I am glad that you are not letting the issue of Fouad’s imprisonment die, even though that support may place you and your fellow bloggers at risk. He, and his family, will know that the world has not forgotten.

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