Jeddah: Gurlz vs. Guyz

jeddah_boysI have said it before and I shall say it again and again: those Jeddawis never fail to impress me. Their latest is a 12-minute documentary featuring young men and women who talk about their views about the opposite sex and dating.

As I have said in a recent post, dating is a risky business in Saudi Arabia, and to have a documentary discussing it this way is truly amazing. The short film is produced by Izzaty Islamy, a two-year-old girl’s social club that sponsors monthly discussions and has conducted debate events at Dar Al-Hekma College and the International Medical Center. I can’t wait to get my hands on the film and watch it; and since it’s only 12-minute long the group might consider uploading it to YouTube or something like that.

14 thoughts on “Jeddah: Gurlz vs. Guyz

  1. You know, Ahmed, a few days ago on the morning show (about news etc.) on tv they showed how in Saudia women were driving more and more. Their fathers, brothers taught them and they just set out and drove :D
    The next thing we saw on tv was how in Saudia there are commercials now advising ‘how dangerous it is for women to drive’ – and we were shown one of these commercials: a woman with a puncher at her car and a man trying to get at her.

    the showhosts here were like “HUH???” they blame it on the woman if a man tries to make a pass at her? wow…

    are these commercials (or how do you call those? public awareness broadcasts?) really broadcasted on Saudi tv?

    (I must say I was very impressed by the women – they spoke very determined and not afraid at all)

  2. I have not seen any of these commercials you are talking about and I really doubt they are broadcast on local tv because I imagine that such thing would cause an uproar by women here.

  3. I’ve seen a clip of that documentary on Khawater3 and it seemed very interesting. The CD was on sale during Eid days 3rd to 10th I believe and it cost only 10 riyals. But sadly, I missed it. Now I’m only waiting for them to start selling it again or upload it to youtube.

  4. hello

    This documentary looks very interesting and I would like to see it inshallah. I am not from Saudia but like the fact that such social clubs exist and that these ideas are being shared. Inshallah I hope more groups like this start, it will help initiate change among us youth. Plus i notice alot of good things like this in Saudia lol, rest of us arabs gotta follow. could someone please keep an update on where I could watch it cuz I live in Canada and cant buy it here. thanks

  5. I am incredibly shocked and saddened at how Muslims from Muslim countries race towards the west’s disbelieving, evil lifestyle, while American reverts to Islaam are fleeing from that same lifestyle.

    The reminder benefits the believer. Here are parts of authentic ahadith related to fornication.

    The Messenger of Allaah said while being shown the Hell-fire:

    He saw the likes of an oven, and in it were naked men and women, screaming out of punishment. They were crying tears of blood which formed ulcers on their faces. He asked who are they? The Angel told him, “they are the fornicators”.

    He said,
    “if fornication becomes widespread, you will have to deal with diseases your forefathers never contended with.” (this is in ibn Majah and it is graded hasan sahih)

    O Muslim brothers and sisters, do you think that Allaah lied to us about this? Do you think that the Messenger of Allaah (salallaahu alayhi wa salam) lied to us about this?

    O brothers and sisters in Islaam, those of you who shaytaan has beautified the evils of the west’s lifestyle; if you like to fornicate, then wait for the punishment.!!! If you don’t get it in this life, you have the threat of it in the Hearafter!!!!!

    I am from America, the land of the fornicators, faggots, dykes, sexual predators, child molestors, sexually transmitted diseases, multitudes of bastard children, etc, etc, etc


    Ibn Mas’ud (radiyyallaahu anhu) said in an authentic hadith, “you will be raised with those who you love”.

    I’d trade places with one of you in a heartbeat. You live in the land of Tawheed, and is the best place on this earth…and you don’t even know it. Subhanallaah!!!!!!!!!!!!

    “Which of the favors of your Lord will you deny?”

  6. I saw It .. It’s Really so niiice
    o greeb mn alglb ana a8tn3t belklama elli fe m7twa ..o a8n3t mjmo3a mn my friendz

    so nice izzaty islamy ..keep on
    god bless you

  7. to Dawud Al-Amreeki :
    “I’d trade places with one of you in a heartbeat. You live in the land of Tawheed, and is the best place on this earth…and you don’t even know it. Subhanallaah!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    Will, it was also “The land of Polythism” before Islam!…There is no such perfect Islamic country right now…Sad! but true!
    be my gust and trade places with me and you’ll have a heart attack!

    besides, i don’t think the documentary “promotes” afairs with the oppeset sex, I saw a part of it, and it actually goes the other way.

    The name of the groupe who made this film is Ezzaty Islamy.. means”Islam is my Dignity”
    so that gives you a hint ;)

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