Our second day in Bozeman, Montana, was good. Aside from the regular meetings, we got a chance to visit a middle school were we met American kids and answered their questions about Saudi Arabia. We also enjoyed some home hospitality in one the most beautiful places that I’ve ever seen in my life. It was unbelievably awash with colors and had this amazingly peaceful feeling. A group of the Saudi Students Club have come to meet us while we were there, and they even were nice enough to invite us for breakfast. Tomorrow we will spend the whole day in Yellowstone National Park, a place everyone here says is fascinating. Later folks.

5 thoughts on “Colorful

  1. Kareem,

    I’m just curious as to your reaction to houses with no walls in between the property lines, and the size of each American property. Does it seem strange to you? As an American moving to the Middle East, I was shocked by the walls around each property! (I’m used to it now.)

    I know you will enjoy Yellowstone–it must be the last two weeks of the season before the Park closes. You will be lucky, and have few crowds. Make sure you take PLENTY of film (at least ten rolls).

    Dedicated Elementary Teacher Overseas (in the Middle East)

  2. I am sooo glad you have had the opportunity to go to Bozeman. It is an incredibly beautiful part of the world (I have only been there once, but I fantasize about living there).

    I am curious about your answer to Eilieen’s question. I lived in KSA in the 90s and have also lived in other ME countries and was puzzled initially about the walls around the houses. I am agnostic about the issue…but am curious as to your thoughts/feelings about living ‘out in the open’ in the west vs behind walls (great for privacy–I used to swim naked in my pool at my house in KSA and no one ever knew!!!).

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