Ramadhan Kareem everyone :-) Here is the view from my room window in the Holiday Inn of Bozeman, Montana. It was a long journey from Washington DC through Chicago to Montana but we are finally here. The place is very different and quiet, but we are interested to explore more.

On our last day in DC we finished our meeting early so we got a chance to go to George Town and visit the National Gallery. More pictures can be found here. This picture is particularly dedicated to my friend Roba: Eat your heart out!


7 thoughts on “Montana

  1. Montana is a great state. If I had a choice I would live there or Alaska.

    We plan on taking our son to Montana next summer to learn about his Blackfeet Heritage.
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  2. was montana deathly boring? i bet it was but you are too polite to say so. :) (i’ve never been there and probably won’t ever go there.)

    maybe they sent u to montana and alabama so u can see how sheltered and removed from the rest of the world some of the inhabitants are?

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