Divide and Conquer

After this, one can’t say he could not see that coming:

The Commission for Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice have asked the Municipality of Medina to segregate women from men in a sidewalk in the area behind the maternity hospital. The Commission have noticed mixing of sexes on the location and suggested making another sidewalk for men away from women’s sidewalk, Eng. Mohammed Al Ali, deputy GS of the municipality, told Okaz.

Oh and btw, news agencies have already picked up the news and it’s flying all over the civilized world now. Nice going, lunatics.

5 thoughts on “Divide and Conquer

  1. What do you want? Extremist religious are going to rule the world if they get a chance. and in saudia they obviously are having the chance because they got to be kept satisfied so the king can ‘rule’ and enjoy…. I wonder if it’s yet too late already and too many saudi’s are indoctrinated already by the fundamentalist propaganda of their interpretation of their faith? Are they?

    In Israel for sure they would ‘rule’ ‘us’ – luckily enough, although most people here are ‘conventional’ – the majority can see religiion is misused as a tool of power – and thus, most prefer the way it is – upon till some degree separation from religion and ‘politics’ (and the things religion could obtain from misuing politics).

  2. For sure K.S.A. is not part of the civilized world.
    People are segregated for sex, religion and race.
    There is no respect for the human life from the government. De facto, slavery was never abolished.

  3. are we really moving backwards now ? this is non sense. Guess The Commission for Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice is really being inspired by Tash Ma Tash and I would not be surprised in future if they divided the whole city into 2 cities based on gender!
    There you go now I have another discussion with western ppl to try and explain how such thing could happen in my country!

  4. I think that several people have been attacking some actions performed by this commission lately. I personally believe that we should be more tolerant and objective in dealing with such issues. For I believe that The Commission for Promotion of Virute and Prevention of Vice is serving very noble purposes and it is simply similar to anyother commissions or institutions. Surely, it should be criticised and judged with reasoning, objectivity and away from personal, sometimes misleading, attitudes.

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