US Visa Web Chat for Saudi Students

For Saudi students who would like to pursue education in the United States, the US Embassy in Riyadh offer you a chance for a web chat with Council Kathleen Riley to talk about the visa application process. According to the Embassy website, she will discuss how to schedule an appointment for a visa interview, the documents that students should bring for their interviews, and the entry and registration requirements for Saudi students studying in the U.S. The discussion will take place on September 9th at 15:30, and you can join in here, but you need first to login using the address: No password is needed.

8 thoughts on “US Visa Web Chat for Saudi Students

  1. Saudi atudents should seek education in other countries that offer a much better education than the u.s. and treat moslem and arab students the way civilized people do, and not follow the path of natzis and zionists which some american extremists in government and churches unforunaitly do now.

  2. HI, peace be upon u bros.
    I’ve one question to ask
    I’ve heard that studying in America is better then studying in Britain what do u think about that share ur opinion with me

  3. salamu alaykum
    can you tell me where to find a good quranschool for my sons in saudie arabia.and wich visa i need to enter visit visa or student visa or work visa

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