Jeddah Film Festival

green monster picIf you are in Jeddah these days, you don’t want to miss this event: the 2nd Jeddah Film Festival or Jeddah Visual Shows Festival, as it is called, was opened at the Ismail Abudawood auditorium at the Jeddah Chamber of Commerce and Industry (JCCI) last night and will run until Friday. They will be showing 48 films of different lengths and types, including some interesting titles such as “Women Without Shadows” by Haifaa al-Mansour. Arab News have the festival’s schedule, and you can find their official website here. Lucky Jeddawis, I’m officially green with envy!

5 thoughts on “Jeddah Film Festival

  1. Is it for everybody? Men and women together in the same place or is it segregated? I know Jeddah is more liberal than Riyadh, but a Film Festival? These hijazies are going too far! ;-)

  2. This is something my brother posted on his facebook Inbox:

    >>>My dearest members,JEDDAH SHORT FILM FESTIVAL is been held at qa3at el shee5 esma3eel abo dawood bel3’orfah eltejareyah el9ena3eyah be jeddah. the festival starts from 17-20 July.
    so you still have tomorrow and Friday. :)

    for more info, visit :<<&lt;

    Oh, and he’s a great filmmaker too, btw…
    *brag brag brag*

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