Will They Abide?

So the government have cautioned the the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice. “The Ministry of Interior has instructed commission members to strictly abide by the law and hand suspects immediately over to the custody of police,” Arab News reported today.

The statement comes after a July 1 royal directive stating that commission field members must abide by a 1982 order that they have no authority to detain or process suspects. How come this order has been ignored for this long time is beyond my comprehension, but it is obvious that the Commission and those who support them are finally feeling the heat. They should. Unfortunately, it has taken the death of two innocent men for such thing to happen.

I should say, however, that such statement does not necessarily mean that members of the Commission will abide. I mean it has been there since 1982, right? What happens when you put a low and then don’t enforce it is that people start to ignore it and then simply lose their respect to the law afterwards.

3 thoughts on “Will They Abide?

  1. This is the country of the “Unwritten Laws” we are ruled -like every tribal environment – by the unwritten laws that govern everything, we just put the few written laws for “cosmetic” reasons. Did you notice how some “unwritten” laws are much more powerful than existing written ones?

    Hence; it doesn’t matter whether it was written before or not, what really matter is whether or not they really want to enforce it this time around.

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