Hot or Not?

Are the new number plates fugly or what?

new number plates

20 thoughts on “Hot or Not?

  1. I always wondered how it is possible for non-Arabic speaking people to read the old license plates.

    At least, this can be viewed as an improvement in that area.

  2. Ugly indeed.
    But if you say it is an improvement then how come the british and Americans dont have the arabic version on their plates. Dont they want improvement?

  3. Very Fulgy as you asked …

    seems like we’re back in the 80s now ..

    yes there is an improvement in terms of the “re-addition” of the Latin alphabet along with arabic numbers that have Zeros that can be read from a distance ( I’m not talking about the Indian numbers )

    we’ll wait and see how it goes … wonder how long they would last before they run out of numbers this time

  4. As for Saudi Entrepreneur’s comment…I can read Arabic numbers (initially with some difficulty, now with “fluency”), but one thing that always got me was the way that the numbers on plates are written from left to right. This confused me greatly during several jaunts to Arab countries, as I would always read the numbers “backwards”, causing a whole world of problems. Yup, I got into a lot of accidents! :-D

  5. 1. Since every body can read Arabic digits (123), there is no need what-so-ever for using the Indian digits.
    2. It is much harder 2 read 4 police officers.
    3. Do u agree that government departments should have a centralized PR institution 2 go to when they need 2 do somthing like this?

    peace out

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