Who Are the Agitators?

The attack on French tourists on the hands of some unidentified armed men near Madaen Saleh northwest of the country was disturbing and brought back some bad memories that we hoped would fade away forever. Hadeel asked if we were back to square one, while Rasheed has posted the-story-behind-the-story.

Interestingly, Faris Bin Hizam, usually referred to as al-Qaeda expert, said it is not necessary for this crime to be attributed to al-Qaeda, but it definitely meets their agenda and ideology. So why after more than four years of our continuous war on terror we find ourselves in this position? Bin Hizam says, this is because “the agitators are still among us.” Methinks that all the efforts to halt terrorism are pointless if we still allow the agitators to keep on promoting their destructive ideas. Unfortunately, Bin Hizam does not go as far as telling the rest of us the names of these agitators, although he says clearly in the title that “we know them.”

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  1. Who are the agitators behind the fanatic Shia group the Bader militia in Iraq? Who are the agitators behind people like Muqtada Sader? Who are the agitators who created the notorious terrorist Shia group Islamic Jehad in lebanon lead by Imad Mughniyah whose by the way, a son of a Shia mullah? What Did the mullah teach his son?



    Why does the state lead by the peace loving shia mullahs of Qumm
    (iran that is) tops the list of States that sponsors terrorism?

    Who are the agitators who created
    Hezbollah Arabia who blew up the Khobar Towers?

    Who are these shia agitators in the following link?

    They are mainstream shia Mullahs
    openly directing their followers
    to kill. To kill even fellow muslims!!

    Mr. Saudi Jeans, your carefully hidden sectarianism is becoming
    more and more obvious. So, keep up
    the good work. Make my point even

  2. Yeah, it’s so obvious that no one is able to see it but you, and although you have been going under different names with the same content at several blogs over the past few months, no one is buying it yet. You really should get a life.

  3. Mr.sectarian,

    7 out of every 10 bloggers that i have spoken to know that you are 100% sectarian, however, they are not being frank about it.

    One fact about you tells it all.
    You are shia and a ‘reformist’ yet, you have never criticized shia
    society nor shia clerics!!! So, it’s either that shia clerics and shia society are absolutely perfect or you are a sectarian in disguise.

    All you seem to be talking about is the ugly sunni clerics and
    their ugly fatwas. The hypocrisy
    of the sunni society specially in Riyadh and so forth. If you are
    a reformist and doing this out of
    love then why don’t you love your
    own shia community a little bit and criticize it in a couple of posts?

    No one is stupid anymore. So, wakeup mr and listen to the truth: most of us know that you are 100% sectarian even some of those who were fooled by you in the beginning even non arabs non muslims have noticed same things I have listed obove.

  4. Anti hidden sectarianism,
    I think you forget that Ahmed has been perilous in his quest to speak the truth about his part of the world, if you were a regular to his site you would know that…duh!! Also, who are you to come onto his site and lamblast him for his opinions, this site is based on his opinions and views of a world that most of us find hard to understand. I truly, think Ahmed has a gift of articulating facts and then adding in his opinion. He is also a bigger person than me because I would not dignified your comments with a response, I only do so now becuase you sir are a complete Arab bigot, and American radical.
    Jill :-)

  5. Yeah, it is all a Shi’a conspiracy.

    I have been called a tool of Iran at my blog because I promote understand between Shi’a and Sunni.

    It is sad these people love killing and demonising other Muslims so much.

  6. Yeah, right! And 13 out of 7 bloggers I have spoken to told me that you and your seven imaginary friends (who include Shi’a, I can imagine, because, you know, you are “anti hidden sectarianism”) are so sure about this neither you nor your friends say that under your real names. I can’t afford to waste my time talking to nobody, especially that I have better things to do in my life other than waging baseless accusations, so consider this little talk over.

  7. Am I missing something here? Four innocent people have been killed and you guys fight over who is worse: Shia or Sunni. Your country is facing a big problem and the only thing you Saudis do is fight each other instead of promoting peace and understanding among people of all religions. Pathetic.

  8. I don’t personally go that Mr.Faris Bin Hizam is Al-Qaieda expert, if you monitor their posts in their forums for a while you’ll notice that Mr.Faris is actually speaking about another violent group..might be the IRA!

    Some people here still think that any man/woman with blonde hair and blue eyes is “infidel”, the idea that a Muslim is a regular brunette is still pinned in their minds.

    I’m so sorry for the French who died, even if they were non-Muslims (and they weren’t) they had come to the country by a covenant that is out of the hands of the individuals to decide whether it’s valid or not.

    Good article, I guess I’m becoming a regular to your blog.


  9. Who are the agitators ? Quran 9:111 provides the answer. The agitators are those that kill and are killed for allah. Clearly that is wrong.

  10. Anonymous,

    What about the violent texts found in the Old Testament that incited Joshua to kill thousands of the Philistines for no reason but to seize the promised land ? is it justified to the Torah and its not to the Koran ?

    We all should know that most of the Holy Scriptures contain violent text, but they were tagged with a certain kind of circumstance and situation, and its also applies to cases that resembles the origin stand.

    If we both exchange accusations then we won’t be living in a peacful atmosphere, please take this in your consideration.


  11. Lo2ay,

    that “most” holy texts justify extreme violence is no excuse for any of them to justify any violence at all. They’d all need to be modified. Not just holy texts but all ideological texts (ie. no ideology gets a break “because it comes from ‘God'”, nor the reverse, communism has to abide by the same rules as islam)

    Of course there are notable exceptions, such as the new testament (I do agree with your “the old testament is a bunch of violent massacres” point, but the new testament is not), boeddhist ideology, “recent” Jewish literature (such as Hillel’s school of thought), 99% of humanist books, and I’m hearing good things about these ahmadiyya guys.

    But let’s be fair. Current mainstream islam, a non-modified quran, is a violent ideology. Maiming, killing, and revenge is not just justified, but encouraged.

    And the both hadith and tafseer are worse, not better.

  12. Anonymous,

    the New Testament is excluded? how can that be while Jesus Christ stated he didn’t drop a peace but instead a SWORD? even the New Testament has violence inside if you concentrate well, Paul in his messages undervalued the Arabs as they are the children of the “maid” refering to Hajar, isn’t that a clear discrimination against a specific race?

    The violent struggle in Islam (Jihad) is pointed at the infidels who either fight us in our religion or seize our territories, if you want to cage Islam for every bombing made by a Muslim then this is your problem, I don’t know why Christianity wasn’t caged when Timothy blew up the Oklahoma building ?

    Modifying the Koran is an out-of-question matter, and all the trials made by non-Muslims led to a massive failure.

    And don’t forget that the first Crusade marched in 1095 AD came out of a “Christian” pope (Urban the 2nd) and out of a “Christian” dogma and out of a “Christian” environment and by “Christian” preists and monks led the men to Jerusalem.

    Thats shows that the “Love your enemies” and “Turn your cheek” policies mentioned in the Gospels simply “don’t work”.


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