RIBF 2007: Final Rant

I thought I would be updating this blog with news from RIBF over the past week but unfortunately there wasn’t much to report. The overall organization has improved, but the accompanying cultural events were not as good as last year’s. There were lame, but I read that Latifah al-Sha’alan has kicked some ass during a panel discussing reading in the Arab World, so I’m kicking myself for missing it. (Pictured above: some of the books I’ve purchased at this year’s RIBF)

4 thoughts on “RIBF 2007: Final Rant

  1. Dear Ahmed,

    “Omar and Shasim” is it available in eminent bookstores in Jeddah ? like Jareer or ALObykan ?

    I’ve seen the interview in AlArabiya with the author Hassan Al-Alawi and it seems the book supports the idea that Ali bi Abi-Taleb didn’t actually boycott the Rashidite Caliph Omar (God is pleased with them both) especially that its known that Omar married Ali’s daughter Um-Kalthum and generated Zayed.

    Feed us with your review ya Ahmed and tell me if the book is available in Jeddah.

    Take care,

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