Although I have been a fanboy of Apple for a very long time, I never purchased any of their products until yesterday. The product is a white MacBook that I purchased from iMachines in Rashid Mall, Khobar (special thanks to my friend Mahmood who helped me with the whole thing). This is the first post I’m writing using the new machine. It is a very good-looking laptop with a bright screen and a keyboard that is not ordinary at all. The Mac OS X needs some time to get used to it, but so far almost everything has been straightforward. More on that later.

17 thoughts on “Switched!

  1. Congrats for the new syatem. But I have my reservations about Mac. How are you finding it? Is it performing well? Like the old one?

  2. As everyone else said welcome to the club!

    I’ve been using the exact same machine ( you might have an intel core 2 dual ) for 7 months now and apart from the few manufacturer defects that affected the units made in the first month of production i haven’t had any serious problems.

    if you need anyhelp with it just let me know and I would be more than happy to help.

  3. sorry about that ((I mean writting in Arabic))

    الف مبرووووووك

    وعقبال البقية يا رب :)

    ولا حتجت شي نحن في الخدمة ـ

  4. I think you will be very pleased. I still get stuck using my old iBook all the time and my son uses the new one to watch movies…Oh well :-)

  5. dude congrats on buying the MAC
    it is very secure and I plan 2 buy 1 one day 2
    and I live near Al-Rashid
    so nice to know u r here
    how do u like EP?

  6. I thought u were a mac user since 4ever “Dnt ask why :’P “

    Congrats for ur new  & Welcome to Mac astonoshing world :)

  7. Please tell me more about your experience with the new iMac. I am thinking of switching over also.
    And bythe way where is farah sowaleef. icant get to her blog any more.

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