Blogging makes us more oriented toward an intellectual bottom line, more interested in the directly empirical, more tolerant of human differences, more analytical in the course of daily life, more interested in people who are interesting, and less patient with Continental philosophy.

I believe blogging can do all of that and more. What do you think? (via k)

5 thoughts on “Blogging…

  1. Blogging at least for me, has improved my English skills quite a bit. Despite English being my first language, I don’t think I really knew how to structure my thoughts and express them clearly until I began blogging.

  2. We live in an arena of ideas. Blogging helps fill the arena. Television, radio, magazines, books, college lectures and political speeches are all part of this space as well. Hopefully the best supported, more reasonable ideas will prevail and those ideas that are harmful and detrimental to mankind on the whole will perish.

  3. blogging is a passport through which we make the world smaller, everything made accessible, where no idea is too silly or bland to be discussed. it’s an avenue to be very technical or to be child-like.

    for me personally, i’m learning much about saudi arabia without leaving manila.

    blog on, ahmed! your site’s a gem

  4. in arabic:
    أعتقد أن أفضل ما قدمه لي التدوين، هو الكتابة عن الأمور العامة، بعد أن كانت كتابتي محصورة بالمجال الأدبي، فمجال التدوين الواسع أجبرني على توسيع دائرة اهتماماتي، لأن قرائي ليسوا من صنف واحد بالتأكيد..
    أمر آخر، هو ساعدني على تقبل وجهات النظر بشكل أكثر، دون أن يكون لي موقف شخصي مع صاحب الفكر المخالف..
    والأهم من كل هذا .. أصبح لي موقعي الخاص.. بعد أن كنتُ أستبعد تماماً أن أملك نطاقاً باسمي!

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