The Initiative For an Open Arab Internet: "Technic…

The Initiative For an Open Arab Internet: “Technical problems and social blockade suffered by internet users in Saudi Arabia has not prevent users from blogging and forming groups to write about daily life in Saudi Arabia. Some of these blogs engage in debate about the future of Saudi society.”


3 thoughts on “The Initiative For an Open Arab Internet: "Technic…

  1. Thanks for posting that interesting and rather depressing article! I wish yourself and your fellow Saudis a happy and progressive 2007…

  2. Given that one has a minimal set of ethical code, one should appreciate censorship. The correct implementation of that is another story.

  3. Peventing have never been a solution. This needs more studies and researches about what is being done there, what are these users doing, why are they doing things considered “bad” in City’s point of view?

    One statement could summarize this situation “The more the idea is weak, the more terrorism will be done to defend it”.

    Thanks Ahmed for this quote.

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