From the Washington Post: "A record number of near…

From the Washington Post: “A record number of nearly 11,000 Saudis are pursuing higher education in the United States, reversing a years-long decline in students coming from the oil-rich kingdom, particularly after the 2001 terrorist attacks.”

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  1. is that a sign the US is easing up on their treatment of saudis coming in from the Kingdom. Maybe they realized albeit too late their universities were losing money by losing these students.


  2. not only losing money, but also a chance to be in america and hopefully have a positive experience of it. i know my experience of saudi arabia was life changing for me.

  3. anonymous: Maybe the universities don’t need the money, but they sure appreciate it. Foreign students pay full tuition, no support from taxpayers or alumni. It adds up to hundreds of millions of dollars per year.

    Schools try to balance their entering students not only academically, but also financially. The waiting lines are made up of those who aren’t tops in either category.

  4. Well in the university I go to, it gives out scholarships to people to come here and study. Also, the Universities based in Jordan and Saudi give out scholarships to send them to my University to get their masters or phd, if in turn they go back and teach for that other university. I believe there were like 2o new students from saudi this year alone.. Don’t know why they want to come to North Dakota..but hey whatever.

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  6. Mansur…
    do you relize the high end $$$ being made in fashion, linen, rugs in the USA as a Saudia theme….
    I laugh at the poor China knock off copies selling for big bucks here.
    Wow I would rather spend $$$ to say import Dates, and special Pastries for a price or some non religious art..
    But can we do we? Have a open market?
    some idiot with the name Gidivo Chocolate can sell me $65 for 15 pieces of crappy chocholate. How dumb.

    I want to enjoy real fruit…have you ever tasted a hazelnut or some fine smoked salmon?

    The fancy magazines sell it but if we can learn to broker “small” we can I hope grow bigger.

    One thing olives I saw on the net how cheap your olives and yet here in USA I pay $5 for about 12 home cured olives. Crazy.

  7. Anonymous: The Saudi or Jordanian scholarships mean only that the students aren’t paying the tuition. Both countries’ governments, though, are paying full-fare. That is what the universities’ accountants care about, not who, precisely, is paying.

  8. My sister in law is good friends with the daughter of the cultural minister here at the Saudi Embassy who runs the scholarship program in the USA.

    She said that there has been 5 suicides in the last year amoungst Saudi students here on education visa.

    I think that number is very large when one considers the suicide rate back in Saudi. I wonder why such a high rate of suicide for Saudi students studying in the USA?

  9. I hope the Saudi students give the American ppl a positive side of our country.. or even come back 2 home with a new good person and leader who can change the life to the best ..

  10. Oh Saudi (some Saudis I mean 3/4 saudis )
    They want to modernize you, don’t worry, they almost done, you dress good, know cooool slang through hooked fake girlfriends, unfortunately, they failed when it came to your minds

  11. American universities don’t need Saudi students nor their blood-soaked money. If Saudis aren’t in those classroom seats, somebody else will be, somebody from a country that doesn’t slaughter people for their religion.

    Meanwhile, with typical Saudi gratitude, it has been revealed that Saudis have continued to repay America with treachery by sending their zakat to Iraq to pay for the deaths of Americans there:

    There will come a day of reckoning for the evil Saudis have done to Americans and America.

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    1.200000 RIFLES & GUNS=LOST
    and u talk about zakat!!!?

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