Abid Khazindar estimates KACST’s spending to block…

Abid Khazindar estimates KACST’s spending to block website: over SR7.1 billion. “I bet KACST is not spending one tenth of this money on research,” he says, “and I also believe that the entire process of blocking websites is simply not working.” How much money do we spend to fight terrorism, btw?

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  1. SJ: “How much money do we spend to fight terrorism, btw?”

    How much money does Saudi Arabia pay to support terrorism? The $500,000 that financed the September 11 attacks came from Saudi Arabia. That’s nearly two million riyals, the tip of the iceberg. The bulk of the money supporting Islamic terror comes from Saudi Arabia and the Gulf. How long do you think that can continue before it provokes a catastrophic response?

  2. Sadly tantor, you seem to have a very short memory; you seem to have to forgotten the millions of dollars in donations that was sent from the Irish American community in the mid 80s right into the IRA coffers. After 9/11, strict auditing measures were put into place to ensure that some of the charitable donations do not go into questionable hands. Saudi are known to be generous people by nature, and they donate millions of dollars every year to different charitable organization around the world. I think they should be commended for their action, and not attacked, and ridiculed by someone with an obvious agenda like yourself.

  3. The IRA has nothing to do with Al Qaeda. Any Americans foolish enough to donate to the IRA were wrong. Your attempt to change the subject from Saudi complicity in Sep 11 to the IRA is contemptible.

    The issue is the Saudi government’s support of the mass murder of Americans. Saudis are notorious liars. Their assurances that they have implemented “strict auditing measures” has no credibility whatsoever. It’s another Saudi lie on a a heap of Saudi lies.

    Your contention that Saudis should be commended for their generous contributions to Islamic terrorists is more crude dissembling to cover up the ugly face of Wahhabist terror.

    My agenda is that Saudi attacks on America should be responded to in kind and with overwhelming force so that Americans can fly their kids to Disneyworld without being butchered by murdering Saudi scum.

  4. Salam, :)

    Dear anyone who wants to educated oneself. I tried educating myself, & I made a list of strikes. God Knows Best, I seek refuge to Him from errors – with this list, I now know on May 12, 2003 Riyadh , SA has been striked as well.

    Also Egypt at least 4 times (Dahab, Sharm el-Sheikh, Cairo, Sinai). Indonesia 2 times (Bali). & Jordan.

    Interestingly on another end, 2006 alone saw at least 3 publicised massacres by militaries (Beit Hanoun, Haditha, Qana), & US vetoing UN resolutions twice (13/7 and 11/11).

    God Knows Best, I seek refuge to Him. Kindly correct if I’m mistaken, I intend to speak truth & just.

  5. Like a broken record, again & again people are saying – US should understand the root cause. Personally I believe US support for Israel illegal occupation & the brutality of the occupation itself need to be addressed. John Dugard, Noam Chomsky, UN – they all have spoken against the illegal siege that US is currently supporting.

    US Vetoes of UN resolutions critical of Israel.

  6. Anon: “So full of hate tantor, you’re not much different than the terrorists.”

    That’s brilliant Muslim reasoning: “Anybody who hates terror are terrorists themselves!”

    If you don’t hate mass murder by religious fanatics, what is wrong with you?

  7. nisa: “US should understand the root cause”

    We understand the root cause of Muslim hate: Muslim bigotry.

    If Israel, the Little Satan, vanished tomorrow, Muslims would still hate the Great Satan, America tomorrow because it is an obstacle to Muslims conquering the Earth and establishing their Caliphate.

    Blaming it all on Israel is more taqqiya. Muslims hate everything non-Muslim.

  8. Hi Tantor,

    I’m not Saudi. so I don’t have to do defend them. if you hate them or not, I’m happy over here, I’d rather brain-storm polynomials with my sweetie. (We both love maths). :D

    Anyhow, I don’t wanna be zap by lightning, so I have to be just either way. I’ve done my part. So, I hand this over to Saudis, the best to describe themselves.

    Bernstein polys here I come.

  9. & about that hate thing, don’t use it on me. I like a Jew. americans, germans, jewish people all alike – is simply against the illegal Israeli occupation. don’t twist it, like the sons on Jacob did to Joseph.

    i haven’t read much his blog, but i guess he deserbes a page rank. hopefully he’s good. check out desertpeace.

    & please don’t use that self-hating thing to jewish people too. it’s anti semite. :D

  10. & Naturei Karta. Jews are cool!

    Amazingly, I’ve met cool Jews. Still I had wanted to meet cool Saudis, since July. But… maybe one day? At least 3 Saudi bloggers hurt my feelings, but they’re my breathrens. God Wills, maybe one day I’ll meet a cool Saudi.


  11. & All praises to God, saudis should love MortalMuslim. she makes me re-reverse my negativity on saudis. she’s so lovely, yet soooo hard to find. one good saudi blogger, that’s all it takes to give me hope. i’m happy. :D

  12. & when i did my thesis, thank God, yes i used academic papers from Israel. i just don’t support illegal siege, just as Noam Chomsky maybe. he’s a jew.

    & the guy i love is a jew. if that’s not clear. sorry for the many posts, i’m stopping now.

  13. Tantor who said I’m Muslim? I don’t see anything wrong with your hate towards terrorists, but your hate is directed at Muslims and Arabs as a whole.

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