Slowing Down

I will be leaving to Riyadh in the coming few hours. I have been there for a couple of days earlier this week to work on my timetable for the new semester, or to put it more accurately, to try reducing damages caused by KSU’s dysfunctional automatic registration system to a level where I can keep some sanity when the semester ends few months from now. The actual classes start tomorrow, so from that day on there won’t be much posting, not even close to half the frequency of posting during the summer. The posts would be few and far between, probably on weekends most of the time.

This will be due to the fact of absence of much free time in my hands (reminder: Saudi Jeans is my full-time job only when I’m on vacation from school), and the lack of internet connection in my building (does anyone know someone from STC who could solve the internet connection delimma? It’s been almost one year now since they told me they would install it, but nothing has been done so far). Ironically, the greedy owner is demanding a 15% increase in rent, regardless of the sorry state of his crappy building. We are fighting to stop that, but in the absence of any indication of common sense, it seems that we are losing.

The beginnig of a new semester is not exactly the prefect time to start complaining, but apparently that is all what can be done when things cannot be fixed. I do realize this is not a very cheerful post, so I guess I’m already hit by the back-to-school blues, but that should not affect those of you excited about the end of summer and getting back to the work routine. Later, kids (and adults).

6 thoughts on “Slowing Down

  1. Regarding that greedy landlord, actually he can’t force you out off the building because you don’t to pay an unjustified raise in the rent. This is not a good enough reason by the local law to force anybody out of the building.
    And if you mention that he is taking benefit of the 15% national raise by the government in salaries, then this will very much support your case.

    So put your effort together and stand out for your cause and he shall not force you.

  2. حنتظر كتاباتك كل اسبوع وياريت تكتب عن اي تطورات تحصلك بنسبه لسكنك وبشوف لك حل للنت

    and all the beast in school and life

  3. these things happen in all uni, well it certainly did happen to me when I was in dubai…

    saudi jeans will be missed..i rely on saudi jeans for all my contemporary saudi news…i am sad you will not get a chance to blog as often…but i will be waiting ansxiously for updates.

    good luck this semester.


  4. أولاً كنت اريد ان اعتب عليك، عدم زيارتي في مدونتي، والآن اجدك تكتب مقالة تقول فيها أنك تعاني من مشاكل في النت بسبب قدم البناية يآلهي ماذا يمكنني أن اقوله لك،،1

    شووف لك حل وبسررررعة،،1
    واكتب عن مايحدث لك في ترتيب جدولك الجامعي،، اما عن نفسي أنا فغداً الأحد هو يومي الأول في الجامعة،واكتشفت لسوء حظي،، انني قمت بتسجيل مادة اسمها موضوع اعلام خاص، كون معظم زملائي قاموا بالتسجيل به، لأكتشف انني اخذته قبل فصلين ولكن الأسم تغير، فقد كان يسمى الترجمة الأعلامية، واخذت به درجة مرره كويسة احم احم نحن هنا :)وعلي ان اذهب صباحاً إلى مبنى الجامعة بالصخير، حتى اشووف لي حل مع هذه المصيبة التسجيل توقف والحذف فقط هو الوحيد الشغاااااال،، أنا جداً ضايق صدري،، وهالحين ضاق صدري عليك وعلى النت وعلى اشياء كثيرة،، 11

    صاحبة القبيلة

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