Arab News: "Saudis and expatriates have welcomed t…

Arab News: “Saudis and expatriates have welcomed the decision taken by the Presidency of the Two Holy Mosques Affairs to reject a proposal to shift the women’s prayer area in the mataaf (circumambulation area around the Holy Kaaba).”

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  1. ONe question, just for curiosity’s sake: is the area sorrounding the Kaabah called Haram?, isn’t haram the arab word for “forbidden”?. Would any of minding telling me the difference?. Thank you.

  2. well i think it is bcuz always ppl blieved that doing some sin is haram so it is called haram. it may aslo means sacred
    cj in dhahran

  3. The area around Kaaba is called حرم, while the the word for “forbidden” is حرام. There is a difference between the two; they are two different words.

  4. Both words, though, come from the same root, all with a sense of “protection”. It can be protection of someone or something, protection for something, or something that is so protected it becomes sacred.

  5. This may seem like an ignorant question and it may very well be.
    I hope not to insult anyone with this, but honesty is the bedst policy. I do understand Mophammad’s PBUh teachings, and the understanding of most males.
    HOWEVER, it would seem that if a person were truly enlightened by god’s word then MUCH of Islams rules about separation of women and men on the surface seem to point to that moslem men are not able to control themselves, this the rules.

    My take would be if a moslem were truly enlightened, then a woman would not need to cover herself as any pious moslem would see her as god’s creation not something he as a man would all of a sudden forget all the teachings and acxt wrongly.

    Europeans and other cultures have women that openly wear less clothing, THOSE men not even moslems are not immediately drawn by the flesh, their are many topless beaches in Europe.

    So how come infidel men can control themselves and not attack women at the sight of a female bare breasted but in moslem society they are forced by law to cover, and in strict cultures beaten or arrested for not wearing hijab?

    To the outsider it seems that moslem men lack the the self control that those they seem to think are less holy have very much more control over.

    If islam is truly a higher calling, then Lady Godiva SHOULD be able to ride her horse naked throught he streets and any good moslem male would know how to control himself.

    But perhaps Muhammad WAS right PBUH, that moslem culture with honor killings acid in faces, families forcing the youngest in family to kill sisiters in order to get the lightest sentence , maybe moslem women HAVE to cover up because moslem men cannot control themselves.

    Odd thing is when some moslem men come to western places for education they drink and smoke and sleep around, then when it comes time to marry they want a “good moslem girl”

    LOT of hypocrasy there, And thsat prevalency does not surprise me when westerners see moslem men and distrust them because of this hipocracy,

    Sorry if I offend, but just stating facts, facts that many moslems turn a blind eye to.

    Kind of like the Saudi royalty svacationing in Europe ESPECIALLY in places where theier money gets them drink and drugs and naked women then go home and act like they are still royal.

    I am pretty sure those offended by this will not understand the logiuc, but there IS logic behind it regardless whether you see it or not, and you KNOW I am nailing you on things you wink wink nod nod and look the other way.

    Offense is usually taken when someone points out a truth you are uncomfortable with.

    No matter, I do not ask you to be comfortable with it, but know that WE know better.

  6. Alhamdulillah, your posts are not too westernised. Its true about the restrictions that young people in Saudi face in todays world this is very restrictive. This may be the price that the young in Saudi face for being the custodians to the two Holiest sites in Islam. The Islamic world looks towards Saudi Arabia for everyting in a religous sense, so unfortunately the youth of Saudi Arabia are suffering like this. I personally feel sorry for all of them, and do not have sufficient and suitable words to soften their plight or to offer encouragement. But it is very encouraging to read that SAUDI JEANS is not in any sense regretting Islam, only what the others are doing in the name of Islam. Keep up the good work and may Allah bless you all and show you all the correct path and give you all peace and tranquility in this duniya. Your brother in Islam

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