IHT: "But the world should watch Abdullah closely….

IHT: “But the world should watch Abdullah closely. If his words are backed up with real action, Saudi Arabia could help transform a troubled swath of lands encompassing nearly one-fifth of humanity.”

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  1. Assalamu Alaikum,

    I read Mr. Molavi’s article and unfortunately it is not up to the mark; indeed, it is so below journalistic standards I’m surprised the Herald Tribune actually published it.

    If Molavi had concentrated on one theme (i.e. King Abdullah’s reform), then he might have pulled it off, but sadly, he turned his piece into an incoherent rant with no clear purpose.

    A quick Google search of Mr. Movali reveals that he is an Iranian-American and part of the New America Foundation. In other words, not very sympathetic to the current Iranian government. What is most offensive in his article is that instead of talking of Abdullah’s reforms, he keeps bringing up the Shia-Sunni feud every now and then, even when it has nothing to do with the topic at hand.

    In addition, he keeps contradicting himself in every other sentence. He wants Iran to reverse course, but at the same time wants Saudi Arabia to reach out to Iran. He wants Saudi to dump the Wahhabi extremist cult but stand up to the US and Western pressure.

    All in all, Afshin discredits himself in the most bewildering fashion. I’d be careful of believing anything that he says if I were you, Ahmed.

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