DWF: The Terrible Crime

Arab News reports on the latest case of DWF (aka Driving While Female). What makes it funnier this time around, though, is that the cops told the husband to make sure his wife does not repeat such a terrible crime as driving a car, which can lead to immoral behavior. Since when has driving a car become a crime? And not just an ordinary crime that you might commit everyday without even realizing it, but a terrible one, for that matter. Now leave it for the lovely lighthearted AN editors to highlight the irony:

Considering how many men drive in Saudi Arabia (and the lax enforcement of speed limits and other basic driving rules) apparently it’s not quite as immoral to endanger the lives of selves and others by speeding, changing lanes erratically without signaling and disregarding traffic signs. But a woman behind the wheel? For shame!

8 thoughts on “DWF: The Terrible Crime

  1. The thing is we all like to be politically correct..but when it come down to it…would you let your sister, your wife drive a car…the answer would be now…

    so talk is alwasy easy…implemeting it is alot harder…

  2. DWF doesn’t have that attention getting ring to it. I prefer to call it, DWM – ‘Driving While Mensturating’. Now that, gets your attention.

  3. So driving while female would lead to immoral behavior?
    more than the same woman sitting in that car with a stranger (the driver) alone?
    what a logic!

  4. All of the bad driving of men is blamed on women anyway. There was a ‘research’ report a few years back out of Jeddah I think where the author blamed most driving accidents on women. Because of they are distracting in the car which causes the men to get in an accident.

  5. What about DWNF (driving while not female) I think this is the new crime that you people are tiring to make us feel ashamed of ourselves for. Seriously, can any body tell me why is it the case that people nowadays are continuously hammering the concept into our brains all day long, Ahmed are you preparing to be the woman advocate here !!

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