First unofficial EP bloggers meetup tomorrow in Kh…

First unofficial EP bloggers meetup tomorrow in Khobar. No registration, no corporate sponsorship, and no press: some bloggers informal chat with no restrictions whatsoever; just make sure to keep your clothes on :-) Starting at 2100 in Dr. Cafe, Khobar Corniche. I’ll be there, and non-bloggers are welcome too. Special thanks to Mashi 97 for the time and effort to put things together.

4 thoughts on “First unofficial EP bloggers meetup tomorrow in Kh…

  1. Daym…if I’d only known about it earlier I could have been able to come. Ahmad, try to find out how often such meetings will be carried out…it’d be great to meet other bloggers. And if possible…try writing about it to give some insight. Gracias…

  2. I should have posted about this earlier as it was decided more than a week ago, but I totally forgot till yesterday. More meetups are to come inshallah, and I’ll make sure to write about them in advance. Will post on this meetup tomorrow inshallah.

  3. hi Ahmad,
    :( i really want to be there but i have to go to jeddah then i have to go abroad in sha2 allah ,

    yallah ,, next time in sha2 allah we most see you ,,


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