Lakhdar Brahimi: "Yet all the diplomatic clout of …

Lakhdar Brahimi: “Yet all the diplomatic clout of the United States was used to prevent a cease-fire, while more military hardware was rushed to the Israeli Army. It was argued that the war had to continue so that the root causes of the conflict could be addressed, but no one explained how destroying Lebanon would achieve that.”

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  1. why are the saudi blogs in such a sad state? they’re overrun by teenage girls, and wannabe rebellious young men, it’s really dissapointing..

  2. I agree with anonymous first off. Anyway, because the US and Israel wanted people to think that Hizb’Allah WAS the root issue, not Israeli occupation, Israel violence, or US supported dictators in the reason.

    Because the UN Resolution works on the idea that Hizb’Allah IS the issue, it will certainly fail.

    Have you seen a lot of the anti-Shi’a stuff being thrown around in the bloggersphere? Is it jealousy about the role that a Shi’a organisation has gotten?

    I did a long post blasting those that preach anti-Shi’a hatred. This hatred is being especially spread on the American blogs.

  3. ” … while more military hardware was rushed to the Israeli Army.”

    I think the main reason the U.S. keeps sending money and military hardware to Israel is to keep Israel strong against her enemies, so America doesn’t have to join the fight. I worry and I’m sure many Americans do that if Israel looks as though they will be defeated, then the U.S. (god, forbid) would have no choice but to go in. Iraq is more than we can handle right now, thank you. And if you don’t believe the U.S. will defend Israel if push comes to shove, then you’re in denial and you don’t understand the deep emotional and historical ties between our two nations.

  4. The Israeli government has an “Ace” up its sleeve, playable against the US and others: nuclear weapons. It’s important to remember that.

    If Israel believes its existence is truly at stake, the fear is that it will use them. For the US, that is worse than simply going into a conventional war.

    The Israelis also have the tradition of what happened at Masada, in the first century CE. That makes it risky to take a chance that it’s all a bluff.

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