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Al Arabiya Net, the website of Al Arabiya satellite news channel, have launched their vedio portal which they have been advertising on their screen for months. Ahmed Humeid about this wrote about this last month. The videos available now are categorized into four groups: short documentaries, video journalism, personal videos, and mobilephone videos. The homepage features what looks like “editors’ pick” video on top, followed by the latest videos, and then different videos from the four categories. They also offer some short tutorials for shooting and editing videos.

Looking at the website, you don’t get the impression that they are going after competing with the likes of YouTube and Google Video, but it is nonetheless an interesting move by a TV network in the Arab World to adopt citizen journalism. How other mainstram media players in the region react to this move is something to watch over the coming months. There is one issue here though: the mainstream media don’t enjoy the trust of people in this part of the world because it is either controlled by governments or much influnced by them, so how the people are supposed to trust the mainstream media with their own content?

2 thoughts on “Al Arabiya Video

  1. Mainstram media, you mean the governmental media, will never be influnced by this move from the so called “independent” media players.

    Actullay, mainstream media doesn’t not or at least is not working on getting citizens’ attention. It’s mainly focusing in being bound by the government policies. So, some valid moves from some independent media players will just increase the popularity of this TV, but it will not harm the government policies.

    Going back, if you consider Alarabya as an independet news channel, I think I disagree with you. Alarabya formed by some businessmen who have some limits to their TV contents. They will never contradict any saudi arabian policy. Even if you thought that, this just to give some space for anger release and imagination of freedom.

    This is my point of view, I’m sorry for going so far.

    Nice topic ahmed, actually i’m interested in movie making :)

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