Free Kidney Treatment

Maan Al-Sanei, one of the well-known Saudi businessmen, has already donated to pay the complete and full treatment expenses for 60 cases of kidney failure for those who cannot afford to pay the expenses. The expenses will include kidney transplant in Saad Specialized Hospital in Dammam, Saudi Arabia. The Hospital has, so far, received 4 cases only.

If you know poor patients suffering a kidney failure, please tell them. You can contact the hospital via phone: Saad Specialized Hospital, Dammam, Khobar. Tel +966 3 8826666. UPDATE: I apologize. I think this was circulating since the end of May but I don’t know why I just received it now. I don’t know if they are still have space for more cases; so if you were interested please do call the above mentioned phone number. Sorry, again.

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  1. I’ve read this before quite a few times in different places, and it’s very hard to believe that only 4 have gone.. did u check for yourself? matters like this are quite sensitive and i (among many other people) would be more than happy to “advertise” for it among the people who need it the second we know for sure.. also, do u know if they have a website with all the requirements on it? (they must have a certain criteria, right?) Thanks a million!!

  2. I called.. The guy who answered confirmed that it was true but that he wasn’t sure if there were any places left. he asked me to call back tomorrow before 4 pm on extension 4444 to check. I’ll keep u updated (if ur interested!)

  3. it’s still going on! :)
    conditions are:
    1. that the person already has a donor (first or second degree relative)
    2. priority is for those living in Shargiya as that would be easier for them due to the need of repeated visits to the hospital.
    3. being Saudi is NOT a requirement.
    4. the hospital covers the expenses of the transplant surgery, and all the tests and so which should be done before the surgery.

  4. Dear All
    Please HELP! to save one life.
    My borther got married on 12 July,’07 after two weeks his wife fell sick and hospitalized. The doctors says that her both kidneys are fail.
    They are residing in Hyderabad, India. They can be reached at +91 9885 493 448.
    Thanks ……. His Loving Brother

  5. Respected Sir,
    I am patient of kidney failour disease. On 06.08.2008 my sister parveen Akhter sent a case to your office for finincial add. But your office did not sent a reply.Sir I am on previous 11 months on Dilayses. We are living in very poor condituins.I request you please sent me finincila add immediately.And also reply me immediately.

  6. A friend of mine told me today that there is a Yemeni lady who is seriously sick with kidney problem, she can afford the treatment, can you please see if you can help? Allah will reward you.

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