Arabic Digg

Today, I found Wapher, an Arabic Digg clone. They are still in beta, and it is not clear who is behind the website, but the design and available features make it promising. Few months ago a friend of mine told me that he was thinking of starting something like this, but that did not happen. We were discussing the chances of a service like this to make it big, and some of the issues we talked about were the number of users in the Arab World, and the lack of Arabic content on the web. I think if Wapher could attract enough users from all around the Arab World, and not just one region, then I can say they are off to a good start. Another factor that should make a difference is the rise of blogging in this part of the world, because bloggers will create the content needed in this case, and they can also point to content from other websites that might be overlooked; such thing was not available a few years ago. For more info on the Wapher, check out their blog.