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My best friend and I wanted to watch a movie, so we went to Bahrain yesterday. We left home around 1500, and were back around 0500. I like Bahrain, except for unmistakable presence of many, many Saudis there, and they annoy the hell out of me. The annoying male spoiled brats and the female over made-up ninjas were there for different reasons: some for booze, some to fornicate, and some simply to watch movies, just like me and my friend.

I think Barhain and Saudi Arabia have a love/hate relationship: Bahrainis hate the behaviour of some Saudis who come to their country, but they also don’t want to lose the money Saudis bring if their government finally decided to loosen up by allowing the opening of movie theaters and giving people more freedoms. Of course, this is not a win-win situation for both parties, but this is what life about: win some, lose some, and live and let live.

15 thoughts on “Random Thoughts from the Causeway

  1. It as ok, but I think the first part was much better. There will be a third, I assume, and I think it would not be any better.

  2. I don’t know where did u get out the idea about love & hate?
    do we love u pepole cos ur brining monay to our country? what did we gain from that?
    i guess u forgot the relationship & brotherhood between the two countrys
    & i don’t wanna talk about my roots
    any whay i hope u like the movie
    & u welcome any time

  3. Layal: This is one way to look at it. For you and me it’s never about the money, but for the economies of both countries this is something to consider. I like going to Bahrain, and I always have fun and enjoy my time there. Thanks, dear.

    Jewaira: Nope, there are not allowed.

    Raed: I meant girls with too much make-up on their faces under niqab/burg3/letham/etc.

  4. “What do you mean by “the female over made-up ninjas”?

    Probably munaqabat with too much kohl…. LOL!

    Anyway… you are all invited to participate in The Carnival of Islam in the West… if you are interested click here

  5. pirates was always conceived as a trilogy..some of my friends were upset when part 2 ended..what happened to jack sparrow they cried out..well, wait for part three…i think part was a good movie..it carried on the story further instead of repeating the first part as most sequels do.


  6. … you left something!!
    the book shops !
    i go there sometimes jus 2 buy some books ..we don’t have that in saudi i mean we have books but only what THEY allow us to read.
    so bahrain 2me is a nice movie ,a cup of coffee and a great book .and the ppl r nice b7alhom if u can say it this way any way ‘ hope that u had fun.

  7. I think there is some hatered espiceally toward saudis. I don’t why I still remeber an incident where Bahrianian ppl destroy many saudi cars *_*.

  8. I don’t think it’s funny calling the covered women “Ninja”.

    Raed AlSaeed… relax brother, my wife calls herself a Ninja! The idea is not deragatory… besides that is not at all what I found funny… I was laughing at my own comment, it was much funnier.

    “Probably munaqabat with too much kohl…. LOL!”

    Don’t you agree…?

  9. The Bahrainis, are mostly pissed off by all the sexual harassment which the visitors from across the border bring with them by the SUV loads; come Wednesday night.
    Other than that, they are a hospitable lot tending to their Saudi guests’ every need including their need for fornication(as you so eloquently put it). :)
    Tremendous insight; reading this blog.

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